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Saturday work off topic

It would be so so lovely to walk into work and there be no DRAMAs for me to sort. I always say to my team let's just enjoy the day and be happy whilst we work but one bad apple I have, just keeps causing issues.

I am dealing with it but the stress levels build and it makes me so tired but I know it's my job to sort. It's going to be a long few months dealing with this person!

Plus it felt like the whole of East Anglia came out for a walk and food so we were rocking out a tonne of cake and coffees and retail was going crazy. Howevre what abeautiful day I kept stopping and looking out the windows watching the golden plover flying around the Fens and of course the odd swan or 200 plus!

Least my trade figures are going to be good for Feb!

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I wonder if people were trying to cram their weekend into one day today by visiting en mass, given the weather tomorrow. On my journey to my hospital appointment down many country lanes there was an abundance of MAMILS out cycling in packs. I'd have much preferred to see a load of swans today than the backs of men on two wheels in lycra! :-) I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round, but having a bad apple in a happy band of people at work can cause so many issues. I wish you luck there.Apart from that it sounds like a lovely place to work and you must see so many beautiful sights throughout the day. Like I said in an earlier post Mother Nature can be challenging at times, but she always shows her beauty.

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Hahaha I looked up from assisting an elderly couple and had 20 middle aged men in lycra and lets just say some should think of wearing something a little less form fitting. Always makes me laugh though!

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Me too!

Mmmm this person is not going to change... I’m in the same position .. I don’t have a rude enough emoji to express this .. but I’m using international sign language using my fingers xx😂

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I know I had to do all her mental health plans and now that is covered now doing the she cant cook sessions. She is very manipulative with the team and very good at blaming others.

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Sounds like my “colleague” not a team player

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Kept saying silently no I in team

Woman after my own heart

There’s always one! I have one employee that causes issues. She gossips to another and is continually saying, I’m five minutes from walking out. It’s difficult as this is being said to me in confidence.

We are a tight knit team and she is our weakest link work wise too. It’s a long process managing someone out and she could cause some serious damage in the process. I feel for you.

I’m in Norfolk too. Are you at Pensthorpe?

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@Cwendyn no not at that one. It is hard but it has to be done. x

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