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Off Topic. Freeeeeee!

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After 14 months, this is me on my first day of freedom yesterday.

It was a significant birthday *cough*. The first time in 14 months I’d met my friends apart from on Zoom, and they booked a table for six at my very favourite restaurant in Norfolk.

To make sure I was transported in style, they also booked a chauffeur and limo. 🎉🍾🎩 When it arrived I squealed like a teenager.

What a day. This pic says it all as I was wielding a rather large cake knife at the time after a few glasses of the bubbly stuff.

Funny thing was, it was like I’d only seen them all the day before. I don’t have any family so my friends are closer than family 💕💕❣️❣️

I’ll never forget this day.

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Looks like you had a great time and happy birthday.What was the restaurant? I'm in Norfolk so could give it a look.🎊🎁🎊🎁

Hello neighbour! It was The Wildebeest at Stoke Holy Cross just south of Norwich

Happy birthday.. good friends always feel effortless and they sound like a great bunch . Hope you don’t have a bad head today 😁

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HappykindaGal in reply to J1707

Haha. I don’t thankfully. Perhaps it’s time for round 2 today 😊💪🏽

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J1707 in reply to HappykindaGal

That’s my girl! 😂

belated best wishes, glad you had a wonderful day🍸🌞

Thank you!

Happy birthday for yesterday 🎈

Glad you had a lovely time x

Thank you!

Lovely memory!

Definitely is. I was not expecting half of what happened.

Fab photo, so glad you had a lovely time and happy belated birthday! 😀

Thank you! Different from last year. Lockdown afternoon tea on my tod 🤣🤣 Which was lovely albeit a bit lonely

Happy birthday darling. xxxx💐💐💐💐

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HappykindaGal in reply to sylvi

Thank you Sylvi. Hope you're ok 💗😘

Happy birthday. Photos of what we hope is the start of better times. xx

Oooh, I do hope so. 💗

Belated birthday wishes for yesterday 🎉🥳.

I am so pleased you had such a lovely day with your friends. Here is to many more for you. x

Thank you! It was fabulous. Felt a bit 'naughty' being out. Rebel 🤣 It was so well organised that I didn't once feel fearful x

We all need to be a little rebel sometimes. 🤣. Your time out was very well deserved. Here’s to many more days out for you in time. x

And the weather is improving too which always makes us all feel a little better x

Wow - sounds wonderful! 😍

It was! I won't forget it

Lovely photo, belated happy birthday x

Thank you 💗

Belated birthday wishes for yesterday, it sounds like you've got some great friends and had a great time. xx

I am blessed I know. I'm exhausted today 🤣🤣💗

But a nice kind of exhausted. 😊 xx

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear HappykindaGal

Happy birthday to you

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HappykindaGal in reply to Mmrr

Thank you! 💗I can hear you singing in Norfolk 👋🍹🎶🎵

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day🤗😘

Thank you!

Happy birthday and let's hope its the first of lots more.


What a wonderful day to be free and be spoilt too x

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