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5th week off work!

Well here I am into my 5th week being off work because I've felt so ill - multiple flare ups, exhaustion blah blah blah blah blah.

I'm afraid to say it, but I actually feel 'normal' this morning. Do I go at it hammer and tongs or do I just enjoy the feeling of being me for the first time in ageeeeeesssssss!

I've learned my lessons before about doing too much when I feel 'normal', so I think I'll just take it easy and watch some daytime TV. Hoping to start back work next Tuesday but might ask the Doc to put me on a phased return. Not sure if I could face going straight back into a 40 hour week. Watch this space.

Hope you all have a good day and keep smiling :-)


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Please learn from my mistakes. When i have a good day i go at it like hammer and tongs and i pay for it every time. I did quite a bit yesterday and today guess what i ache,so please just take it easy. Even though i rested between jobs but that doesn't make much difference to my body. I don't think i fancy spending every day of my life sitting. If you can afford to have you thought about going part time and see how that affects you. I don't like the thought that i can never work again,but it looks that way for me.

Enjoy today and rest,the work will be there long after you have gone,my mums words.

Sylvi, xxx


Sylvi's right. We all do it. We get so carried away with feeling ok one day that we try and cram lots into it, only to find ourselves back to square one the next day.

Enjoy feeling 'normal' but don't abuse it!!

B x


Oh I know that feeling when you're afraid to mention that nothing hurts just in case it all roars back 20 minutes later...... Do a tiny thing that's normal, that would make you feel good, and then stop and rest. My favourite is baking biscuits, and then enjoying sitting outside and eating them with a good book! Pollyx


Thanks for all your kind words. I'm about to head out to the shops for some retail therapy - that always makes me feel good.

Better get the umbrella out as it's very cold and wet in Edinburgh today.

Have a good one everybody.

Mandy x


hi Mandy

Rest rest rest!!lol

But do something that you enjoy ! I found that if I "caught up" on everything when i felt well during flares I suffered worse the next day. So "pace" yourself, rest then a little bit and rest again until your body is less fared and stressed. But glad you are feeling a bit better today!! Axx


just read your blog and i find i have to shout don't go back yet, make sure you have about 2 weeks of feeling fine and when you start feeling hey i don't want to work i have a life to live that is when you are ready to go back.


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