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PIP assessment-are photos allowed as evidence?


Hi, I have had DLA for many years and DWP have now told me to apply for PIP. My question is whether I can put in photos of my very deformed feet as it is difficult to describe the deformity and therefore the difficulty and pain I have when walking. I have letters from the rheumatology dept to my GP after I've been for appointments but I have no scan or x-ray reports, is it worth trying to get these reports from the hospital? What has anyone else's experience been regarding the usefulness of the evidence they have provided?

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I showed my assessor photos of swellings on my wrists and I physically showed my deformed knuckles. She wasn’t interested and not mentioned in her report. I really don’t think they pay much attention to your application. As they took her word not any of the documents (reports etc) or statements I made.worth a try though.

I think they say even if there hanging off you can walk the specified distance it doesn’t matter how so I’m not sure if photos would be any good

Hi yeh do attach them to one of your letters. Mind not originals all photo copys .do try get your scan letters etc it can help but not end of the world. Sometimes your doc has had them all sent to them as well .any evidence of aids help enormous mind with aids in a question it can be points to fall back on as you may get more points for help and assistance put everything separate on that 1 question as if they refuse 1 they should give you the lower points do this every question . And any evidence of walk in shower or adamptions and the report the council made up that is high bar evidence. Anything really the lenth of a book .hi I'm not sure if you get mobility under DLA mind there has been a rule change resulting in claimants loseing car under DLA mobility high rate was upto 50 metres under pip it is now upto 20 metres this section hammering dla claimants. if that applys put upto 18 metres max

I don't have to claim anything and still work full time but when the rheumatologist shows me the x-rays or scans I always take a picture and put it in my " foot folder " just in case.

Good luck!!

Hi, you may need to send any evidence to them prior to you interview.

There are nice people on here who actually talk sense. Lol

I sent in photos of burns, swollen ankles etc and referred, in detail, how these occurred and more importantly how this evidence affected my ability to do everyday tasks. I also sent in pictures of all the aids that I used. Pictures of adapted toilet, seat and rails in the shower, riser/recliner chair. I laid out every aid I use for dressing, washing and cooking and photographed them. It is important to explain why you use these items and and refer to the questions all the time. If you still have difficulties, even after using these aids, or have pain using them then say so. I found the guides on the benefits and work website invaluable. Good luck!

Thanks to everyone for replying, it’s good to know that there are others out there who understand the difficulties.

Hi Joodee, I sent a pic with my tribunal info, I won my tribunal. I showed the same pic to the assessor, I didn't have a hard copy of it at that time. The assessor wasn't the problem the decision maker was! All best wishes!

When I went with my husband for his assessment, she asked a question and he said to her, I wrote about that in my notes, she said she doesn’t have access to his actual form, she just asks questions and puts the answers into her computer, she doesn’t make the decision. She asked if he was on medication and he emptied a bucket load onto her desk, it filled it lol. She was very nice but still after all the trauma he lost his car and didn’t want to go through all that again in appealing. He is 65 now and not going to get better and I’m sure they were trying their best to get him off the list as you can’t apply for it after 64. It’s such a terrible thing to go through, I wish you all the best.

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Oh dear, I feel for you and your husband. I am quite cynical about the motives behind these decisions and you could be right about their reason for denying him PIP. Good luck to you both.

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