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PIP Assessment

I have survived my PIP assessment today, really felt stupidly nervous and stressed beforehand having read some unfavourable comments. I didn't find the interview too stressful, the examiner(?) had some basic understanding of RD even if she couldn't spell the names of the drugs I am taking.

Obviously no idea, as yet, as to their verdict, and apparently it can take up to 2 months before you hear anything. I would keep my fingers crossed, but my RD has attacked my hands so that's totally impossible.

Amusingly, if the PIP is granted, it will be backdated to January 2014 - that's 9 1/2 months since I first applied, so don't give up hope of hearing from them although I did have to get my MP involved with a little buttock prodding in their direction

Will keep you posted if/when I get any news.

Love and gentle hugs


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Good luck, wishing that you hear the good news very soon!


Good luck I too had mine, just over 3 weeks ago now, and hoping to hear from them soon, my interview went well also, so hoping but not banking, hope you get the result you want :) x


Good luck. It is so unfair the stress they are putting people through. In our case it can make things so much worse x


totally agree, stress has always been such a huge trigger for me that I'm sure I'm now due another flare and that's never fun.


Same here. Guaranteed to leave me in so much pain.


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