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Knee surgery at 24

After over a year and a half of steroid injections every month, and biologics continuously not working, I saw a new consultant yesterday who has referred me to have the lining of my knee removed. I'm 24 and have had constant fluid, swelling and pain in only my right knee since I was 16. I've tried to Google the surgery and think it could be called a synovectomy (?). but I haven't really found anything as they haven't told me much.

Has anyone been through this? Have any tips or advice? Recovery time? How long did it take you to get the surgery?

Thanks, Amy

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Hi Amy

Replying to sympathise since I have not had this done. Perhaps it is a procedure to remove debris and damaged tissue from inside the synovium? That is quite a simple procedure and should give you relief.

Do you have an appointment to discuss it before the date to do it?

I hope it helps tremendously. You have endured the pain so long.

Your courage will get you through.

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Hi I too am having the same problems with my left knee and feel so sorry for you as your so young. I've had my knee drained several times but this last time the steroids they injected (third time into the joint in a month) seem to have worked...well I'm 4 months in now and very limited swelling. Have you had this procedure first? I've had a synnovectomy of my wrists so imagine it's the same as knee kind of! They go in remove the membrane to try and prevent swelling as the swelling will damage cartilage and then bone..recovery for a knee depends where they go in and how but usually 2/3 days then physio . Good luck hope it goes well but try the steroid route first if you have not done it yet...I insisted before going for the synnovectomy first.


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