Appointment with knee surgeon

My original post seems to have gone to lupus by mistake. Anyway here's another go...

I've a long-awaited appointment tomorrow to discuss knee surgery. My partner, who means well, has asked whether I might have both done at the same time. I am horrified at this idea and wonder whether anyone has encountered this?

I also found this article about partial vs total knee replacement and that gave me the heebie geebies too! Any realistic, but mildly reassuring comments will be very welcome.


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  • Not had anything like this done Cathy, but wanted to say how would you manage if both were done at the same time! I assume you are unable to bend the knee for a short while after, so have visions of you sitting in a wheel chair with both legs sticking out straight very uncomfortable. A bit like a Carry On film vision. Very flippant I know to a serious question. I do hope that you don't have them done at once but over time of healing. Best of Luck for tomorrow and do let us know the outcome. xxx

  • You know me well enough, Georje, that I wont spare many details, though I dont want to put anyone off. All I know is that 'they' try to get you mobile as quickly as possible. My sister had one about 10 weeks ago and is now walking without sticks.

    I really appreciate the comic side of things!

  • I had total knee replacement 3 yrs ago. I was up and walking the next day. Physio came to my home to check that I was doing the exercises . Had the needle in my back instead of general anaesthetic, so got over the op quite quicky, and would recommend that way..spent 4 hours talking to the anaesthetist and could hear everything..and me being a wierdo would have liked the cloth taken down so I could watch, lol.

  • Thankyou lab-lover that is reassuring. I wouldn't want to watch but I will seriously consider not having general anaesthetic. Did you work very hard on the physio?

    Were you on RA meds which you had to withdraw to avoid infection?

  • Hope all goes well Cathie. Look forward to reading your posts. All the best Smiler53.

  • Thankyou, all

  • I had both done at once: it is no picnic, but you will be able to walk with a walker almost immediately. Honestly though, the surgery involves a fair amount of trauma to your legs and you will hurt for a period of time: you won't hesitate to take your pain meds. Some who have had one done refuse to go back for the other, so there is some good sense in doing both at once: may as well get it over with!

    Short of a miracle, your knees will not get better by themselves, so Go For It!

  • I have 2 neighbors - 1 a 75 yr old and the other is abt 65-70 - both had left and right done at the same time. They were in rehab about 2 weeks longer than the others who had one done but they both thought it was worth it not to go though 2 operations. I've also spent time in rehab and seen a few with bilateral knees done at the same time and they seemed to be walking on the walkers ok. One lady had returned because one knee wasn't tracking properly so they wanted her to have more rehab with the physios.

    I will be interested what the others have to say as I also have to have both done but I'm hesitant to do both at once in case I have complications.. Being a diabetic on MTX, I have a history of infection and I would probably wind up getting it in both :( My surgeon has left it up to me but Ive had to delay it because Ive had to have other more urgent surgery.

    So good luck and let us know what u decide.

  • Thanks net buddy. I'm feeling the impact of the surgeons negativity plus my own reservations. So for the moment I'm going to focus on improving my mobility while staying on the surgeons list for the time being. I'd expected him to say it had to be done and instead he focused on complications and that my new knee wouldn't have as much bending as my present one. I'm seeing a physio regularly and have ordered one of those cycle things you use sitting down. Good luck to you, xc

  • Hi cathie, just to let u know i had my left hip replaced in december 2010', right hip in feb 2011 and then bilateral knee replacements in april 2011 - all within a 16 week period. After knee surgery i was mobilised with a walker within hours of surgery and discharged within two days. I was in terrible pain and could not stand or straighten my legs before surgery and the question was how would i be able to mobilise with only one knee done at a time as i could not weight bear on the other. I had epidural for all surguries and was semi wake, again no probs. my only advice is ask for regular pain relief. No regrets . Xx

  • Thanks Timmy45. Good to hear that its worked for you. I've decided to bide my time because I do have good bending on my knees and the surgeon was dreadfully negative about the possibility of a good outcome for me. I'm still on the list, but will almost certainly turn it down as it gets nearer. I'm doing the alternative he said would happen if I didn't have an op which is pain relief plus physio - involving regular walking up and down.

    But I will keep your positive experience in my mind as I get to decision making time!

  • Talking to the surgeon today will help you decide. Most dr will not do both knees at the same time for this kind of surgeries.

  • Thanks for this reply but it's a long time since I had the knee ops. About 6 months interval between the two. Healing and rehabilitation helped by a great physio. Op was NHS Scotland and couldn't be faulted. I went for the first year followup a while ago and was discharged. They only want to see me if there's a problem.

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