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Knee replacement surgery

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Good morning everybody. I am scheduled to have a total knee replacement in September.i am on weekly Enbrel injections. Has anyone experienced coming off treatment before and after surgery .Should it be for two weeks before and four weeks after surgery?

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I don't know the answer but I've got this planned for early July and will ask them at the preop appointment on Friday. I'm on ritiximab and feel I'm due for another instalment but know I'll have to wait. I also think surgeons/ rheumys differ on this. Good luck with your op. I hope I'll be able to post encouraging reports


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Thanks Cathie. Good luck with your op. I'll ask my rheumy nurse.

I had a new knee last year, and at that time was on enbrel. I had to stop 2 weeks before, and had to wait until the scar had healed to restart.....took 6 weeks. Didn't have to stop MTX at all

Hope all goes well! M x

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Thanks H for your reply. I'm not on methotrexate as it didn't work for me, so just hope the Enbrel kicks back in when I'm allowed back on it!

I was told to come off two weeks prior, but nothing about post. I need to ask too as I am having a shoulder op when my lucky number comes up.

I had my op end of february. I take my mtx on sunday, and had to miss a week as I had my op on the monday morning - continued with it the following sunday. I also have infliximab infusions every 9 weeks. I had to wait 4 weeks after my infusion and could not have my next infusion until at least 4 weeks afterwards. In the end it meant I had a 12 week gap instead of 9, and I did feel it. I still feel as if I'm catching up, but getting there slowly :) xx

I promised to ask the dr at my pre-op appointment (about ritixumab) and he said I could have infusion 2 weeks after surgery. Unfortunately as you can see from my blog my op is waiting for the cardiac people to pronounce on my ecg result.

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