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Feet and swimming

Feet and swimming

Hi wondering if anyone can help? I’ve had RA positive since 1980 and now aged 70 I’ve need knee and hip replacement in the last 6 months. I am recovering well and now want to add swimming to my recovery program. RA started in my feet and since 4 lots of foot surgery i cannot-walk on any hard surface without something spongy under my feet. I can get from changing room to poolside in flip flops but need something to swim in for when I put my feet down on bottom of pool.

Any ideas or suggestions would be a great help!!

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Have a look on the Land’s End website or ring them for a catalogue. I think they sell shoes for wearing in the water. I don’t know how soft the soles are but they would be softer than the “jelly sandals” we had as children.

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I think you need to try to get to a sports shop to try them on. There are a big range of swimming and surfing shoes now, and the soles vary depending on what the sport is. Some have quite thick soles and look spongy, others are just like waterproof socks. Google swimming shoes and you’ll get a feel for the range.


Hi Cherryblossom

I found some that suit me. I cannot put bare feet on any floor without comfy padded sandals or shoes on my feet.

So I bought various types of water/swim shoes from Amazon before finding some that do the job for me.

Since our feet are not the same, you might find they don’t suit but worth a look at least?

Mine are the pink ones. They have good outer sole with very soft insole and mesh upper.



Try diving shoes. you might find that the bottom of the pool will be ok because of the water.


Crocs are great for getting around the pool and into the water. I keep mine on to do exercises in the pool, then take them off to do very gentle swimming. I find swimming in water really helps with foot pain, it's something about the feeling of water between the toes.....

Best of luck with your recovery program


Water shoes. Check on Amazon. They have them.


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