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Starting Biologics Yay!


Hi all I’m buzzing I get my biosimilar Imraldi fri & start with the nurse Tuesday 6th August! I shall update how I get on, fingers crossed it works!


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Good luck, hope that it works for you 🤞

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Thank you! Xx

Good luck. I hope that it works as well and as quickly for you as it did for me. Unfortunately I have had to stop to get dental treatment but I hope to start again soon.

Thank you, have just had advice that you stop for dental work, does that mean fillings as well asvextractions? Xx

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Julia I was told any invasive work....extractions and root canal treatment. x

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Thank you Paula x

All the best look forward to updates 😌

Good luck,

I’m on Amgevita & no problems after 3 injections, taken fortnightly.

Good luck 👍

Really pleased for you Julia. I hope it makes all the difference. x

Thank you, have fought long & hard for this x

Good that you are positive about the biosimilar. I hope it works for you.

I had my first biosimilar injection on Friday evening after it was delivered.

My pre biosimilar appointment with RA specialist nurse actually gave me misleading information on method of injecting and the sting caused.

It is the citrate that causes the sting but that is no longer an ingredient.

So I was not expecting a very noticeable sting! But no after effects at site, and so far no nasty effects.

Good luck with yours!

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Hi thank you for that if you & I follow each other on here we can share notes on our respective effects of the biosimilar! Kind regards x

i was due to start tomorrow but got another chest infection good luck

Aww that’s a bummer, hope you start soon, which one are you going on?

startswith an a

Adilimumab ? Xx

yesw thats the one

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