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Stopped Methotrexate...starting Biologics for RA


Hope everyone is having a good day and sending hugs to anyone who isn’t 💪💪💪

So I have been taken off Methotrexate after 5 months due to periods stopping and decrease in white blood cells.

I cannot explain how much better I feel a few days in of stopping the’s crazy to think how bad it made me feel.

Although I won’t get too excited as I will now be starting biological injections. Not sure which one I will be having yet my appointment is next week.

Im feeling positive as heard good things about these drugs...has anyone got any positive or negative experiences with them?

I’m super nervous about having to self inject every week but the nurse said it’s like an epi pen is this true?

I really hope i get into remission with these...a bit of good luck would be nice it has been a long while.

Trying to keep positive and am just glad to be off the dreaded methotrexate. Actually feel a little but normal this week, first time in months!!

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Hi Harvey I'm waiting to go onto Humira injections,have been on Benepali since August but stopped working at Christmas so off that now and waiting to switch, I'm also on Methetrexate injections 20 Nhs And Sulfazalasine 500mgs, everyone's different so some work for others and some don't but when they work their very good and hopefully you'll get some comfort, I'm able to exercise most days now but still not fully controlled so hopefully the Humira works but there's plenty to try and it was an epipen I had with Benepali and it was great you just put it to you skin and it done everything else, the only tip I would give is take it out the fridge a couple off hours before injecting then that takes the sting away, good luck

Thankyou for the advice, I guess it takes time to find the right combination that works. Do you have many side effects from injections? And where does it go I’ve read you can do stomach or legs?

No I didn't suffer any and I usually alternate each week between my stomach and thighs

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Some people have an injection site reaction of varying degrees. I had a slight reaction when I used to inject enbrel.


I was on Cimzia for 5 years - it was great and I felt back to doing things before RA took hold. Unfortunately I ended up becoming allergic to it and getting infections but I had a good run on it. You get used to the pens and are really easy to use.. I also think taking them out of the fridge beforehand stops the sting. I was switched to Embrel and now having monthly Abatercept infusions but without as good effect (they’ve added in Leflunomide but I’m getting side effects too) I hope it works for you.. unfortunately we are all guinea pigs and it’s trial and error xx


Totally with you on MTX Harvey, just come off myself & so grateful to feel relatively normal, horrible stuff, instead of sick & tired for half the week. Was on it for a year, varied doses, metoject etc. Plus Hydroxychloroquine at one time. Like you awaiting biologics clinic, bit apprehensive but when they said side effects unlikely I was sold. I was taking so many meds to counteract side effects of dmards & when she asked what was worse side effects or disease itself: no contest. Didn’t realise how much it was affecting me. Hands n wrists bit dodgy at mo but if they work, worth it. Keep us posted x

We’re you on the MTX tablets or injections? I too am waiting to go on Biologics (biosimilars are being used now) but my understanding is that I will still be on Methotrexate injections, albeit a smaller dose as the biologic works better & I do know two people who are in remission from a combination of the two. ... but I am told the sulfasalazine will be discontinued.

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