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CBD pain relief for RA?

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I'm new to this forum and am writing on behalf of my mum, who was diagnosed with RA 15 years ago. She is now 86, in constant pain and pretty much house bound. Her quality of life is appalling and she is deeply depressed, at times suicidal. Nothing seems to have worked and we are now exploring the idea of CBD oil. She was sent something from the USA by a friend, but the potency was low and she has seen little improvement. I am researching a reputable, safe and ethical company to try a higher potency - ideally 500mg per 1Oz of liquid (its all a bit confusing to be honest) Can anyone recommend a good brand or offer any advice please as I know nothing about this and find the information out there somewhat overwhelming and obtuse...

11 Replies
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Your poor mum. What

meds has her GP put her on? She shouldn’t be in constant pain and feeling suicidal. I’ve taken CBD oil with THC ( you need a small amount of this ). I got mine from an alternative shop. A small bottle cost me about £45. It certainly helped with my sleep but with pain? Not sure. I was a bit nervous about taking it but I felt just the same! But I slept much better.

If I were you I’d go with your mum and see her GP and ask if she can be prescribed it? The answer will be no as your mum isn’t a child with epilepsy of course but the more people who ask the better. There’s a Facebook group called CBD USERS and many people post about the great help CBD oil has been. It’s an American group but lots of other nationalities post on it and say how much it’s helped them with their pain.

Really hope your mum gets some relief and stops being housebound.

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That’s just awful. Can you email rheumatology & say what you’ve said in post or contact her GP for better pain relief. No one should be in so much pain they’re suicidal & housebound. Tbh with kalimera there, don’t think cbd oil or medicinal cannabis are likely to be adequate pain relief. x

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Hello Sophie

I’m really sorry to hear your mother is in such pain. I’m afraid I’m new to RA and cannot give much advice on treating it.

I am concerned about your mother’s mental state. When you say suicidal, does she have a plan? If so, take her to A&E today (they all have a psych liaison). If she doesn’t have a plan, take her the GP - I’d say it’s an emergency. Try to get some pain meds and maybe some antidepressants, just until she is over the current crisis.

I really hope your mum can get some pain relief x

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Your poor Mum. It must be awful for you to see her like this. Should you want to try cannabis oil, Bud Utopia are great. There are many different types, some with THC, some without. The people that run it are super helpful and will be able to give a little advise. Call the rheumy though, Mum shouldn’t feel like this 💕💕

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I'm no expert on CBD oil and still have not tried it yet, mainly as it's so expensive. I bought a book on it - The Beginner's Guide to Medical Cannabis by M. Barnes.

It states that it's best to start with a small dose of a high CBD, full-extract product. (Not the type you buy in high-street shops.)

High CBD means that it has other cannabinoids in it as well, and these minor compounds are often beneficial. This full extract is meant to be more effective than pure CBD - often called isolate.

You start by taking a small dose of full extract, building your dose up gradually. If you don't perceive an effect, you can then start adding a small dose of THC, little, by little.

Lack of regulation and quality control means that many high street sell poor quality oils. I certainly wouldn't buy this way.

I know the Dutch company Endoca make high quality products (recomended in the book) and theirs is what I thought I'd try...although it's very expensive. They are pretty helpful and you can chat to them before you buy.

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Have a read of this it may help - theguardian.com/society/201...

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Hezekiah in reply to Endless

That's a good link - thank you Endless

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Hi - if you are on Facebook then I thoroughly recommend CBD Consumer Group UK/EU

They are a private group and you have to apply to join but I have found them to be very knowledgable and helpful. I have been taking CBD for pain for well over a year and get mine from Original Alternative but of course they are not allowed to give recommendations. I visited their premises in Suffolk last year and was most impressed.

It is certainly worth looking into.

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I am so grateful for such a helpful and warm response to my query about mum. I will certainly explore the links and recommendations that you have all offered, and if I have anything helpful to report about her experiences I will post again. Just so you know, I am a trauma therapist and I am keeping a careful eye on her. She has been prescribed all the usual medication by GP, Rheumatologist, Ophthalmologist (Glaucoma) and Nephrologist all to little good, she's eating Paracetamol like smarties so we feel that we have little to loose by considering 'alternative' options. We have also spoken to the Rheumatologist and GP about CBD therapy, but they are understandably non-committal. Who knows, perhaps a little THC in the mix might help her mood! As I say, I'll let you know how it goes. Many thanks again to you all - I wish you a pain-free day (life!) x

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If your Mum really is taking so much paracetamol you should discuss a better analgesic with her doctors......too much paracetamol can cause all sorts of symptoms which if the doctors don’t know about can cause confusion with prescribing other drugs.....especially as she sounds to have kidney problems.

I was diagnosed 20+ years ago & I do know how difficult it is being diagnosed when elderly, doctors really do seem to over use the phrase “at your age” blah,blah,blah...but I refused to accept that & I was put on Biologics at over 70.......so kick up a fuss......Your Mum shouldn’t be left in so much pain & distress.

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