Hip/groin pain RA or Fibro?


I've not posted for a long time and things had been going quite well, even talk of a remission.  But now my neutrophils have been low, 1.2 then 1.1 and back now to 1.2.  I'm having fortnightly blood tests now and they're reducing my methotrexate injections to 10mg and telling me I have my RA under good control!  But I'm struggling with my hips, mainly the right one.  I am now getting a sharp pain in the groin on this side too which takes me so that I involuntary yelp and have to stop and is extremely painful for a short period and will subside.  I do have fibro as well as RA (and Sjogrens), if it's fibro causing it then nothing will be done I know.  Does anyone else have this problem or would know if it's RA or Fibre type of pain?

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  • Hi. Have you had your hips x rayed?  I also had the kind of pain you mention and I needed  a hip replacement.  Just a thought. 

  • Me too. Your groin - as opposed to on the outside of your hip - is where you feel pain if your hip joint is damaged. I'd definitely suggest an X-ray.

    But you say the pain comes and goes, which joint pain generally does not. That suggests a muscle or tendon problem to me - something pulled. A GP or physiotherapist should be able to assess things like your range of movement, and get a better idea.

    So, it doesn't sound like a RA or a fibro problem to me - more like a mechanical one. Best to get it checked. Good luck!

  • That's familiar to me too. 17 years ago, pre-hip resurfacing, I used to have that type of pain even though my RA was controlled. I clearly had a lot of bone damage by then. If not actual bone damage, might yours be a bursa? Not sure about the spelling! I hope your doctor takes it seriously and doesn't write it off as Fibro so 'nothing can be done'.

  • Thank you for your comments really appreciate them and I will make an appointment to see my GP and get checked out.

  • And ask for an X-ray, if s/he doesn't suggest it!

  • And I thought I was the only one ssuffering , my groin is so painful at times ,I will now go and get checked, I have a slight bulge on the outside of my hip on the right side  but feels normal on the left. ,,oh well onwards and upwards,, some thing else to laugh about with my mates,,, I m sure we are trying to outdo each other,,, never let ra grind you down, ,

  • Hello Jaydeeh,

    I hope I spelled your name right !

    I used to be on here all the time and it helped me a lot, These days I just send a reply when I think I can add something worthwhile to add. 

    I too have hip and groin pain which is causing me sleepless nights and it is really painful. I haven't got an exact answer, but I had a steroid injection last Thursday and the pain in my ankles, toes knees hands and shoulders are improved, but the dreaded hip and groin pain remains the same. After chatting with my Clinical Nurse at the time, she suspected that my my left hip has been taking all the strain for the past years of limping with a really painful right ankle. In effect it is wear and tear on my left hip. ( the opposite in your case, yours being the right one. On the bright side, between you and me, we have a perfect pair of hips !! 

    It's a real bummer of a situation isn't :((  June Xx

  • Thank you, brought a smile too my face but wouldn't be nice if we could both have a perfect pair of hips.  I did wonder abut a steroid injection, I've not had one for about a year and it does help me usually but I suspect the hip & groin would still remain like you.  My rheumy nurse is different now and doesn't like me to have steroid injections for some reason.  Shame as I'm on holiday soon & it would help me :( xx

  • Dear Jaydeeh,

    So sorry to hear about your problem. I started with RA when I was 23, over 40 years ago so have had just about every problem going. Only last year I had a problem with my right hip and the groin pain was dreadful. That was in March. Within a month I was in a wheelchair and had a hip replacement in June. X-Ray's revealed that my hip had collapsed after years of stress put on the joint by problem knees/ankles.

    Do get an X-Ray asap. A steroid injection in my hip didn't help me but it may buy you a bit of time if this is your problem. If you do need a replacement joint, be assured that you will get immediate pain relief and the recovery is pretty quick as compared to other joint replacements.

    Take care. My thoughts are with you.



  • Hello Jaydeeh, I know exactly what you mean about steroid injections, I have only had 5 since being diagnosed with RA in 2010. I avoid them and only give in when I am in real trouble with pain and swelling. But........... I must tell you that I got out of bed this morning with no pain in my hip at all and I am having the most comfortable day for ages !! So, I'm thinking that it has taken these last 4 days for the steroid injection to kick in. Therefore, my guess is that it is an RA flare up and not a damaged joint from wear and tear. 

    I am moving to Wales from Northamptonshire in just 10 days time and the packing up is all down to me because my husband is chronically disabled. I have to be as comfortable as possible to enable me to cope with it all. Also, I must add that if I were younger, in my 20s shall we say, I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable about any of the drugs/injections that are needed to keep RA and associated diseases under control. But hey........ I'll be 69 in June and I just want to be as comfortable as possible in my latter years. But, that's just my own personal thoughts. I wish you well Jaydeeh and hope you get some relief from the nagging hip pain. Take care, June xx

  • Hi Jaydee. I'm comimg late to this post as mostly my RA is in remission. But after a long spell of abdominal/ pelvic problems, awaiting investigation, I'm experiencing very nasty groin pain - have had it for a week now and don't know where it's coming from. I can barely move around my house with it and it worsens over the day so by night it makes me feel sick. It does fluctuate depending on whether I've rested or not which makes me think it must be mechanical arthritis. My leg feels like it might give way now and is so heavy to lift it takes me ages ti even get to the toilet! 

    Unfortunately I'm away in my old island home just now with lots of packing and navigating stairs to do and am meant to be giving a ten minute presentation on Friday night at a festival but presently finding the pain too intense to think straight. Paracetamol doesn't help and I can't tolerate NSAIDs or codeine - stupidly left my prescription pain relief at home! 

    All I can think of is that if I lose some weight and keep moving gently it will hopefully settle down again but when I see my GP a week tomorrow I'll ask her for an X-ray of my hips. Thanks for posting with this question. Twitchy 

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