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Anyone on Benepali had root canal treatment?


Hi I'm new so hope I am doing this right. Am very anxious about the prospect of root canal treatment and my recovery while on Benepali. One of my great anxieties is whether I can lie comortably flat on the dental chair for 60-90 minutes as I have a lot of stiffness in my upper back. Then there's the worry about healing. Has anyone else been through this? I know I'm being a total wimp!

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Chan has your dentist spoke to you about the possibility of stopping benepali for a few weeks before and after your root canal treatment ? It might be worthwhile pursuing this point wuthyour dentustor rheumatology team before agreeing to any treatment.

Chann in reply to Mmrr

I am waiting to hear from the Rheumatology team but I have a chronic infection and draining abcess so can't really afford to leave this. The choices seem to be root canal and try to save the tooth or extraction.

Mmrr in reply to Chann

I had a bad fall around 6 months before my illness began. I had several broken teeth and many root canal treatments, due to problems, to try and save them. They are still not right, numb and flare when I'm ill. Three years on, I've decided to have the 2 main culprits removed, but have been advised not to have this done whilst on benepali.

I don't mean to scare you, but get good advice before committing yourself to the dental work.

Chann in reply to Mmrr

Sorry you had such a bad experience. I hope things improve for you soon. Thanks for replying and take care.

I had root canal treatment on two back teeth never stopped my biological. Everything was fine but I suppose we're all different if in doubt contact your rheumatology team.

Chann in reply to Ginge65

Thank you. Good to hear that you are recovering well. I'm a total wimp at the dentist!

I'm on enbrel, Benepali is the biosimilar drug. I've had root canal treatment, I was told not to take it the week before and the week after having the work done and only start taking it again if everything is okay. If I was you I'd phone your specialist nurse for advice though. x

Chann in reply to Paula-C

Thank you. I am still waiting for them to get back to me. I am worried about being able to lie still for an hour as my upper back and shoulders get very stiff and ache. Was wondering whether to see if my GP would give me something to help me relax a bit as I am generally anxious at the dentists anyway.

I had to have a tooth with an existing root filling taken out as I developed an abscess underneath, which although it responded to antibiotics, resulted in a low level chronic infection which was gradually clearing - but not quickly enough. I wasn’t allowed to start Benepali with an existing infection, so eventually I had to have the tooth out as I was really struggling to walk.It’s not so much the root filling that’s the problem but the infection. If your dentist is happy that the root filling will sort the infection out I would go ahead but I’d definitely check with rheumatology as to whether you should stay off Benepali until it’s healed.

I had root canal and then a crown whilst being on Methotrexate injections this year. I was worried about the laying still but my dentist was fabulous, she shorten my appointment times but that meant I had to have an extra appointment (no extra charge). Every time I felt stiff uncomfortably she let me get up, walk around and stretch. I did get someone pick me up afterwards as my legs felt like jelly. She also prescribed a special mouthwash just in case but I had no problems at all.

Chann in reply to Birman4

Thank you. glad you are OK.

This year I have had a lot of dental work. Root canal and implants. My rheumy advised coming off the week after having treatment as well as making sure I was given antibiotics. Once the antibiotics had finished I then went back on.

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