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Root Canal health issues + Arthritis / Fibro?

In November 2017 I had a root canal. It was on my top front tooth second from the middle two (lateral incisor). In mid December I started having health issues, which shocked me as I am only 35. Both of my hands went week and had chronic pain. I had troubles opening and turning jars, had to stop my house renovations as I was just too weak in the hands. The pain was not bad, maybe a 2/3 out of 10, but was constant and frustrating when coupled with overall weakness. I assumed I was developing Arthritis in my hands. To add to this, in October I almost broke a finger, in September I needed stiches on a finger and I had been doing renovations at home so some of my fingers were already in rough shape...(making it difficult for me to relate the hand weakness/pain to a root canal in November)

I went to my doctors claiming I thought I had Arthritis. We ran some blood tests but nothing came back in the results. By January the pain/weakness had moved up both my forearms. By the end of the month my shoulders would heat up an provide a burning sensation every time I lied down. The good news in all this is I'd sleep each night, and wake up feeling pretty healthy with minimal pain. The constant however was the hand weakness/pain. The other symptoms would be very minimal in the mornings and would slowly get worse throughout the day? My arms felt as though I had just finished lifting a rep of weights. As an example, I took a phone call one day in a store, the call was 5 minutes long, and just the position of lifting my arm up caused my shoulder to burn for about half an hour afterwards.

With more doctor appointments was more tests. I had a small vertebrae fracture in my lower back in my early 20's so I asked for an X-Ray there in addition to the one my doctor requested on my neck. As my pain was symmetrical in nature, my doctor assumed I had hurt my neck. Again nothing was found, nor with the extra blood work.

By January I was having weird daily pains all over my body, down my legs, a lot of random muscle spasms in my arms, heart palpitations...while not painful, it freaked me out a bit when added to the fact my arms that were becoming less and less useful each week. It was though I had carpal tunnel in both hands at once. I tried to force myself back on the treadmill as just months ago I had been running miles with no issues. I started the treadmill and had to shut it off after walking for a while. I stretched and stretched and hopped back on and attempted to jog, but soon had to stop, almost wanting to cry as I headed back upstairs without able to even break a sweat. My toes would drag a bit, I was worried enough I dragged the treadmill to the middle of the room in case I tripped and fell close to the wall.

After getting desperate and searching for answers on-line, I came across root canal posts and did some research. I had zero pain in my mouth, all seemed fine, but I was curious. I phoned up a biological dentist, made an appointment, and he recommended pulling the tooth. So back to the doctor I went. I was getting desperate thinking I had ALS or some other degenerative disease. My mind had been foggy for a couple months and I literally felt slower mentally, in addition to being slow physically. I mentioned the timelines of my root canal to my doctor and mentioned there may be a connection and that I was thinking about having the tooth pulled. I did find there was some tenderness in my gums when firmly pressing but little else stood out as being wrong. To my surprise she thought I was crazy, stating there was no way possible it was related to my tooth, almost laughing at the very thought. She then berated the dentists recommendation, stating they will say anything for money. He was a holistic dentist, and I could tell she did not like that word, quite frankly neither did I, but I was running out of options and my doctor wasn't doing much but arranging tests for diseases that did not seem to have cures.

My original root canal seemed to go according to plan. Pain was minable, I heeled fine and I not give it a second thought. Looking back I recall they could not find blood when drilling so they kept going a bit further, they said the tooth was likely dead and that the canal was needed. My new biological dentist had new x-rays taken. There was some slight discoloration of my gums, but he could not definitively tell if the tooth was the problem or see a definitive infection. He recommended pulling it as he had seen enough negative outcome root canals over his long career, but really gave me little confidence that removing one of my front teeth was the right answer.

My EMG came and went, I was told there was absolutely no issue with my muscles and they could rule out ALS. I was relieved many of the scary diseases were being ruled out, but was still getting desperate. The leftover diseases seemed to be pointing to MS or Fibromyalgia, not something I was looking forward to.

But the universe quickly gave me my answer, driving home from the EMG my new dentist phoned asking if I could move up my appointment a couple of weeks until the very next day. I thought it over for an hour and finally gave in and said let's do it, the universe had been sending me signs so I decided to trust it. A big risk, I told the wife there was maybe a 20% chance it would fix me but stated it was a risk I had to take, which she supported.

So the very next day I had my tooth pulled. They saw infection and drilled away bone on my upper jaw bone, used ozone to disinfect it essentially, and even took blood from my arm, inserted it into some type of capsule of some sort an sewed it into my exposed socket. It was a rough procedure, I was in some pain, sweating and flexing as they stitched me up. Mentally it was a battle, I had to collect my bearings for a couple minutes before driving home as the procedure took a lot out of me.

However, despite the pain, I was fixed almost immediately after the tooth was removed, like pressure had been removed. While sore, I was making fists and squeezing my fingers tight while they were still working on me, something I had been unable to do for months. I phoned my wife on the way home and told her I thought I was cured already. What a relief, it was tough to sign up to have such a prominent tooth removed against a doctors advice.

It has been about three weeks since. My gums heeled nicely, no infections that I know of. I'm taking Oil of Oregeno for some added mental confidence, along with an array of other vitamins I had started taking a couple months into my health decline. After 10 days I forced myself on the treadmill, and ran 2.5 miles. I figure I am 95% cured. I'm not quite 100% and still have the occasional pain here and there, but I can do everything I used to do again and am no longer slowed physically or mentally. I can use can openers and open lids once again. The doubt on being 100% may be related to me losing muscle in those 4 months?

I kept the tooth. It revealed the original root canal dentist drilled beyond the root, and when inserting the filling material exceeded the tip of the root by maybe 1.5mm. The biological dentist stated it may have potentially been pathogens in the dead tooth now escaping into my blood stream, or even the infection build up potentially putting pressure on a nerve. It also could have been my body was attacking the foreign root canal filling constantly but was not winning the battle because it was too hard and secured in place.

I'm a manly man, a rural tough it out type, but this affected my daily being and was rendering me weak and slow mentally and physically. This all stemmed from taking a hockey puck to the teeth a couple years ago which I should have had looked at closer, and much sooner. I did not suspect my tooth because I had been fine with no pain for the years prior, and root canals we are told fix the problem. I believe I experienced fibromyalgia symptoms.

My family will not be getting anymore root canals. I have not yet told my original dentist of the problems they caused, and have yet to inform my doctor. From all the info I read I have a feeling they are going to tell me all the pain was in my head, or chalk up my recovery to a viral infection. I do believe had I left it I would have developed a chronic disease of some sort, and believe removing the tooth potentially saved my life as my body was weakening and developing new symptoms on a weekly basis. There was pain, and weakness, and it was 100% very real.

As a side note, my 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with rheumatoid Arthritis at age 3, which is why I originally assumed I was getting arthritis. After all these learning, I'm going to take her in to see if her dental work may have actually caused her JRA. My new dentist saved me, and I can tell he has fought this battle his entire career. In all honesty it was not my trust in holistic medicine that saved me, it was my lack of trust in our medical system, and lack of trust of the FDA scientific studies that made me take the risk. In Canada here our doctors push drugs like they are candy and always seem to treat the symptoms, while too many ignore the underlying cause. My doctor is intelligent, and likely knows her textbooks inside and out, but I needed a free thinker who was willing to question the text books.

I wanted to share my story so others know Root Canals can be harmful, and to talk others into taking the leap of faith that maybe a tooth is the problem. I do have a new temporary fake tooth plate, it is a bit of a pain, but was 100% the right choice. I live in Alberta Canada, am a stay at home dad by choice to two little girls, and can now lift and play with my kids again. Thank you Ellis Dental in Chestermere Alberta for making me healthy again.

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After reading through your very long story, my reply is going to be rather short!😂.

1) there is no clinical evidence whatsoever that RCT ( root canal treatment) causes rheumatoid or any other arthritis.

2) poor RCT can cause health issues, some quite serious.

3) if you are going to have RCT done get referred to a specialist endodontist (check online that they have had post grad training)


While there is no clinical evidence like you say, that doesn't dismiss the fact that his relief seems obviously tied to the removal of his infected root canal. And there are other similar stories I've read as well. I'm guessing the reason there is no "clinical evidence" is because there are massive financial interests that don't want that information revealed, and there is no financial incentive to perform such a study.

I've had chronic pain for over 15 years, just diagnosed with RA 2 years ago, yet none of the many drugs they've put me on have helped one bit. I recently had an infected root canal removed. It did not make me feel better, as I was hoping. So this is not i support of the dental / auto-immune link; though it does seem there have been quite a few reports of almost instant relief from non localized chronic long lasting pain post infected tooth removal.

The only partial relief I've encountered was when I was put on 12 days of antibiotics when I had the infected tooth removed. Despite this being the only thing that offered any relief, the doctors won't put me on long term antibiotics. It does make me wonder if the culprit of my pain and illness is from a chronic infection or possibly lyme disease.

I'm not trying to dispute your claims, I'm just saying that despite no clinical evidence, there does seem to be some evidence (if personal testimonials can be believed). The fact there is nothing to gain from telling false stories, makes them believable to me. The fact dentists and doctors dismiss the possibility altogether and no extensive study has been done is mind boggling to me; though understandable considering the potential loss in billions of $ root canals were banned or considered dangerous.

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I was the fellow with the long entry on removing the root canal tooth, sorry I was excited to be healed. I agree, their is no clinical proof on humans to back up my claim. The original dentist, as well as my family doctor think it was all in my head (it wasn't). I have since read a very eye opening book called Root Canal Cover-up written by a doctor in the 1930's, it has been very eye opening and I would recommend it concerned about RA or other autoimmune diseases. But yes all his test subjects were rabbits and not human.

Yes, please do not go removing teeth willy nilly based of my response. I simply wanted to share my outcome as I feel it saved my life and or prevented a autoimmune disease like MS.

My theory is the infection was adding pressure and pushing on a nerve to cause the chronic pain. I also believe that toxins were likely growing in the now dead tooth and spreading throughout my body constantly. It sounds like toxins can mutate in the tooth and once the tooth is dead there are no white blood cells to flush them out, but they can still grow and spread. That may explain why I was always tired, constantly trying to fight off an infection. But yes, this is all a theory. I took a big risk and it worked out for me, but will not for everyone by the sounds of it.

Two other factors I though of...after a few months of overall pain I did notice sensitivity below my nose above the tooth which gave me confidence to get it pulled, and I also recall shortly after the root canal my tongue turned yellow, which had never happened before. I believe that is due to candida? My dentist had dismissed it, asked if I smoked (I don't) and gave me a tongue brush...but it didn't stay too long. I'm sharing details as it was discussions like these that lead me to look into my root canal and it may come in handy to someone someday. Also, just wanted to mention old mercury fillings may also contribute to RA symptoms according to the dentist who helped heal me. Thanks everyone.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience.

I have seropositive RA and a mouth full of root canals. This past summer I had an abscess/cyst removed ? . The X-ray after surgery shows a large loss of bone. The dentist who did original root canal left a piece of metal at the bottom of root. The endodontic specialist simply removed the bottom of the root and did a biopsy. The problem from my perspective is the same. I cannot touch my face without pain and tenderness. The whole simply filled back up.

My Rheumatologist did do Cyclic Cittrulinated Peptide and it remains 300.


This is a long read and I've got root canals, by the way here in the UK our dentists are qualified to do that. No problems at all and what about tooth implants ? or like me large bits of metal that mended broken bones (an accident years ago) .

I don't believe root canals do more than enable someone to keep a tooth, obviously there are some bad dentists about like bad doctors. But truthfully I think that if you think it made you better then good but no way am I having my teeth out and there is no clear link its all anedotal. Prove it with a proper controlled study and I'd be more inclined to take this seriously.


Dentists in the UK are qualified to do endo treatment. But it’s when that treatment is more complex things start to go wrong. Which is when you need a specialist.


And how would anyone know its complex ? here we also have Maxillol oral facial surgeons and a dentist will refer you if needed. If this was the case about root canals the NHS would be removing thousands of teeth to save the costs of medications. I'm sorry but this is just not plausable, it needs proof and anyone thinking of having teeth removed will be very sorry if it does'nt and they have no teeeth left.

I do wish the NRAS would look at these type of posts and put a warning on them to take medical advice before going down this route as some people may be so desperate for a so called cure that they will find a dentist to do this. It also has to be said there must be millions with root canals in the UK why have only a small pecentage got RA and even less had them removed to obtain relief. I also note that you do not appear to have had a proper diagnosis of RA but your daughter has, so I'd strongly urge you to consider the long term damage that RA can cause and medications are not given out like smarties but to aleviate suffering, pain and and some lesser known affects it can have like blood clots , lung disease the list goes on.


We have another member from Canada (coincidental?) who's had a similar experience from root canal work, maybe if she sees this she'll be in touch to compare notes.

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That’s my friend Sue😃. I gave her what help I could on her failed endo treatment. Once she had gone to a specialist her teeth were fine. Sadly though it didn’t do anything for her auto immune disease.

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It is indeed! I just thought they could chew the fat, she could give her experience & compare notes. An opportunity for promo though, it's far enough away not to be of any consequence.

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Or not chew anything, if they’ve got dodgy teeth😉😂

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Haha 😂

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Thought you would appreciate that one 😉

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