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Hip revision surgery with RA


Has anyone had a hip replacement come loose after three months? I have RA which is sero negative and not well controlled on Abatacept. Very frightened of revision surgery so any advice welcome please. 😩

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I had a revision on my right knee because they but a straight joint in a bent leg.xxx

LesBev in reply to sylvi

Thank you Silvi, was it successful and did it take you much longer to recover than the first time? Lx

sylvi in reply to LesBev

I recovered very well when it was done by a different surgeon. I saw him earlier this year as i had a lot of swelling round the knee and they gave me a good check over and reported it was RA and not the joint itself.xxx

LesBev in reply to sylvi

Cheers Silvi, we do have a lot to face don’t we. Stay as well as you can and hope it’s a sunny day for you. Lx

Sorry, I haven’t any information on revisions but when my husband had his hip done last year I found this site and forum very useful - you might find something on here - there is a U.K. part to it.


Thank you, I’ll have a look tonight. Hope your husband is still doing well. L

Hes doing really well thank you - can’t understand why he left it so long!

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