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Hand Arthritis

Has anyone had trigger finger surgery? I did on January 11th & it has been stiff ever since. The surgeon says it now has arthritis in it. My whole hand feels arthritic but it didn’t before surgery.

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Did you do therapy after surgery? Like squeezing a soft gel ball?


I didn't go to therapy but I was always squeezing a ball & messaging it & stretching it every which way. The joint is still really swollen. I may have to go to my regular Doctor & see if he will send me for an x-ray or something.


So sorry you’re having so much pain after surgery that was supposed to help. Hang in there. Hopefully your doctor will send you for xrays so you know for sure what’s going on.


Oh dear that’s rubbish. Could rheumatology refer you to hand OT maybe; I had this & helped tho no surgery like you. Good luck with it x


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