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Morning folks, here I am after taking my MTX last evening and oh what a bad night I had. Sweating, burning feet, and generally listless. I was told by a lady ( who doesn't have RA ) that should ask for splints for my hands and wear them when I am doing jobs as it will help. Has anyone tried them or even got them and do they work. Should I ask my rheumy nurse about them?

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  • I have wrist splints, thumb splints and arthritis gloves from the occupational therapist, and have been given the same advice. I don't use them as much as I should, because I find they make it quite hard for me to use my hands - I am just not used to them at all. Also, the reason I have 3-4 different types of support is because I have different things going on in my hands - hypermobility and OA as well as inflammatory arthritis, and sometimes tendinitis too - and I find that wearing the splints to help with one thing can aggravate another... So for example, wearing the thumb splints to give support to my hypermobile thumbs can inflame the arthritis because they rub against the osteophytes...

    On the plus side, they definitely DO have an effect and seem to reduce pain. The arthritis gloves reduce the burning in my hands. The thumb splints make it possible to lift medium-heavy things, like the vacuum cleaner.

    They're relatively new and I'm hoping I can learn to use them more effectively, when I work out what they help and what they hinder. Mine were free, provided by the OT, so cost wasn't a consideration. I don't think you have much to lose by trying them... And I have found the OT generally very helpful. :)

  • Hey, when I was diagnosed (many years ago) I was given wrist splints and I had some hand and wrist splints made by occupational health. The wrist splints I was to wear when doing things, but I was advised to not wear them all the time, and then the hand and wrist splints were for me to wear at night and they made sure that my hands and wrists were resting in a more natural position. See if you can get an appointment with Occupational Health as they would be able to advise you on what support would be best suited to you.

  • I sometimes wear the support gloves for RA when my hands are very sore. I find them helpful. You can buy them online.

  • I went to see the OT and she gave me wrist splints for day and some glove things to wear at night. I do wear the night one although I don't think they do anything. However I hate the day ones. They're bully, they cover my fingers and they draw attention to my wrists so I get questions and I don't really like people knowing about my RA.

    I went to Boots and bought a wrist support. Not the big standard one, I think it was about £13. It's great, it eases the pain and it's quite discrete.

    It might be worth going to see the OT anyway, see what they can recommend.

  • Yes they do help. You need to be referred to Occupational therapy. They measure you up and provide them if needed.

  • Yes the splints really do help.once you get used to them. I use mine lots. You can get them on line as well as from hospital. Good luck

  • Yes I agree with Annlesley the wrist splints do work. I hated wearing them at first as I felt self conscious . If I was at work for all to see and also thought that if I wore something nice then it detracted from that too. Silly me - what is better than having some help - what does it matter to someone else. Yes, I do tell people now why I wear them and explain what RA is all about as little is known if they ask. I would rather have a bit of relief than bother about how I look for a while. I do not wear them all the time as I was told that I should not, but there are different kind of supports for your hands. Please ask for advice and help as after all it is only you that knows what pain you go through and any help is better than none.

    Hope you get some relief x

  • I would wear one on my left hand at night and it did help. My hand doesn't bother me so much anymore so I don't wear it any longer.

  • Yes I have recently started taking Mtx and I have gloves and splints supplied by OT, I wear the gloves when my hands/knuckles/fingers ache and occasionally I wear the splints - which you are supposed to wear when you are doing the hovering for instance - I sometimes where them when I go to bed for a short time.

  • Thankyou everyone I will certainly ask about an OT. I am finding hoovering and changing beds among other things difficult at the moment. As most of you say the splints will be helpful.



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