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I had my first injection today of benepali, although easy to do I found it very painful. At my pre biological meeting I was told to press the peninto my leg it would click then wait for another click then remove. I had a health at home nurse today who also told me to keep the pen pressed in my leg for a further 15 seconds. Could anyone confirm which method they use, the nurse was very new and didn’t seem very knowledgeable.

I am hoping this is the drug for me but hated the painful sting.

Thank you

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Hello there! So I have been told and for around 17 months now, injected into my thighs ( my choice over tunmy) hold pen securely in place wait for the 2 clicks and hold for further 10 seconds.... I wait 12 to make sure. Top tips...get the pen out hours before to take the chill off.. I shower before I inject, I choose to not use the wipes as so many complain it gives them a rash. I wait a little while to let veins “ calm down” from the heat of the shower. Hope this all helps you!

Press pen onto stretched skin, first click, afte r second click count to 15 seconds, remove. That’s what I was told. It does sting a bit but you do get used to it or you could put an ice pack on beforehand. I always take mine out of the fridge for a few hours ( sometimes more if I forget about it 😁) before doing it, seems to be less sting that way but may be psychological. Tummy hurt less than thigh for me also.

I wasn’t told to wait after second click. I remove it straight away. Isn’t the second click the needle retracting?

I have just been left to my own devices with benepali - never shown - I just followed the instructions on the information leaflet which states wait for the second click , then count 15 seconds.

I take benepali out of the fridge several hours before using.

I changed to the injection not in the pen the during I found this better to do I couldn't do the pen right x

I agree with kitty. Tummy is far less sensitive and I use an ice pack for 10 minutes before injecting. I already have an ice pack but someone wrote they just used an ice cube. I don’t feel a thing now after months and months of painful injections into my thigh. Working myself into a minor frenzy. Dreading it for a couple of days each week. Try taking the blunt end of a needle or a toothpick or something similar and give yourself a light prod on your thigh and do the same on your tummy. Which do you feel more? I was told by my nurse to leave it for a further five seconds but once I hear the second click I maybe leave it another one. I once pulled the needle out before it had finished because I just couldn’t cope with the pain of it. The fluid spat all over the place. Good luck.

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jane1976 in reply to Esmereld

I’m laughing with empathy as I did the same thing,I pulled the injection off my thigh because of the pain & I also sprayed the injection up the wall!

in reply to Esmereld

Yes I’ve done that too 😂

My experience of Cimzia is that if I take the syringe out of the fridge at least 30mins before injection it stops the sting. I can imagine as the benepali injector is a little larger a little more time will be required for it to come to room temperature.

I usually take my injection out off the fridge a couple of hours before I inject and when I inject I wait about 15 seconds after to be safe but as you say after it clicks a second time that’s the pen subtracting xxx

If you look at directions in pack it does actually say count to 15 seconds after second click. Weird everyone’s been given different advice 🤷‍♀️x

Hi, I was told the same as you, that is first click then after 2nd click count to 15 then release the pressure. I used to find it was very painful when doing it in my leg even though I have plenty of “meat” on them! It’s also very hard to maintain pressure when it’s so painful!!

As it’s only once a week I now do alternate sides of my stomach each week & it’s not painful. Hope you find what works best for you.

Also I should add that after about 3 years on it all good!!

Hi I have been on Benepali for over 3 years I find it is better to inject into your stomach than tops of your legs remember to take out of the fridge for about 25 minutes before you use it as this could be why you are experiencing such a painful stinging sensation. Good luck !

Hi EDee

I have been using this drug for 3 months now.

I too suffer with the awful sting , it's like injecting fire n ice into your leg at the same time ( ouch ) .That's how I describe it! Lol

Also been suffering only the last 4 weeks a rash at the injection site.

My Rheumy nurse said that not normal to start 2 months after starting the drug..

She has advised taking out the fridge good 4 hours or more , then using an ice cube after the injection and then to pop some like anti histamine cream .

And this seems to be working at the moment.

O don't use the wipes my health care lady said not to use them and to throw them away.

As they cause a rash , but I'm getting a rash anyway .Oh well too late they in the bin now.

As for my tummy , I can't bring myself to te y that, I mean put it where? n what about my wobbly fat tummy ? how can you get any pressure on a wobbly tummy ?

Any advice?

Think it's a good drug and seems to be working thank God.

Hope it works for you hunny.

xx Dee

Hi There,

I have been on Benepali for about a year now and find it Brilliant.

I know what you mean about it stinging. If you could cope with the pre filled syringes I think it would be a lot less painful. I take the syringe out of the fridge an hour before injecting. I just use my thighs because I am a bit thin. First expel the air bubble. The needle is quite short and goes in at 45 degrees. Then you can inject it very slowly which means it wont sting.

So if you can cope with self injecting, I would recommend this method.

Good Luck,

Update 😊😊😊😊

I had my second benepali injection to day with the nurse. A much more successful experience, it still stung but I got the nurse to talk to me to take my mind off it.

Took it out of the fridge about 6 hours before injecting and did it in the side of my leg rather that on top.

🤞 this is going to help.


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