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Hi All

Hope everyone is pain free today. Just a quick question had my first Benepali injection yesterday, woke up this morning definitely dont feel as stiff and seem to have more movement in my hands and wrists is it just me wishful thinking or can it work straight away.

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It did for me , better than any steroid jab! Has put me in remission and I'm still ok without it for 2 months due to a nasty infection and multiple abs. Hope you do as well.

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Kazwilks in reply to Duster1979

Thx for your reply take care x

Thx for your reply we can but hope take care x

Yay! I’ve been on Benepali since last November. It’s changed my life and it worked pretty fast too. Long may it continue!

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Shalf in reply to HappykindaGal

Brilliant Cwendyn , that's what we like to hear! :) Will make your plans for Portugal far easier. All the best. Xx

That's brilliant news so pleased it worked for you x

hi same for me in that felt impact straight away but then did try and do too much and flared, so enjoy but be mindful it is still there! Good luck, I am almost a year on it and in remission so has been a game changer for me.

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Kazwilks in reply to TPaine

I know that's the thing I do tend to over do it when I feel able then come bedtime I dont know where I hurt the most so pleased it's working for you take care x

Hi all

The1st injection was 3 weeks ago I felt amazing for about a week I had to miss the 2nd one as I had an infection and had to take a weeks course of antibiotics. Took my 2nd injection on Tuesday but have been painfully achey and exhausted since taking it. Is this normal. I so want to feel like I did when I took the 1st injection. How long did it take for you to see changes? Thank you

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Kazwilks in reply to MandiS

So sorry to hear that mandi. The nurse did explain that on this medication to be careful being around anyone with viral infections. I know it's not that easy to avoid all viral infections. Someone may be able to answer your question hopefully. Take care x

It worked really quickly for me, too! Great news. I had quite a lot of swelling in my hands/wrist/fingers (and pretty much everywhere else) when I first started Benepali. I realised within a day that my fingers were able to move more freely. I put it down to placebo effect but it wasn't that I felt less pain it was that a joint that previously couldn't extend at all now could. I spoke to my rheumatologist and they said that it can work quite quickly. Over the past 8 months I have been on it the rest of my joints have slowly eased up too and I have been able to do a lot more. Good luck with your new treatment!

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Kazwilks in reply to heyitsmee

Same for me I haven't been able to bend my middle finger on my left hand for years but today I can bend it nearly right down. Getting a bit excited now with all these positive replies. What I would give to have 1 pain free day is beyond words thx for the reply and take care x

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heyitsmee in reply to Kazwilks

thank you, sending love your way!

is this the same as Etanercept? hows all your hair doing? can you eat anything without a reacation?

in reply to VeronicaF

It’s a biosimilar. My hair is ok and no food reactions. Didn’t immediately work but as time went on it got better and better for me.

Enbrel (the med that biosimilar Benepali is replacing) worked for me within two hours. I did the click pen sitting on the sofa then rested, then stood up and walked upstairs as though nothing as wrong with me. Incredible. For an amazing six weeks it worked so well then I got a horrible reaction on my injection site. So had to change meds so yes it can work fast for some and don't worry about skin reactions as they can get round some of them. (Mine was a rarer bad one.) No reason at all to think you will react in this way. So yes I feel you are indeed feeling some great results already! Hoping for much more for you. Best of luck.

Thx for your reply Kitty. I cant believe my hands dont feel so stiff after 1 day. My knees and ankles are still painful but onwards and upwards hopefully. Take care x

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