First benepali injection

Well what can I say, its been 9hours since my first benepali injection and no improvement yet But to be serious im just so glad to be on these medications after months of debilitating pain and stiffness and am hoping they start working so I can live instead of just surviving. Watch out vegetable patch there going to be some serious growing going on this year.

Rant over there may be more in the months to come. Hope every one else is pain free.

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  • Sorry to say it can take up to 3 months to feel any effect im on benepali too iv done 6 injections and im not feeling much diffrent i worked full time but had to stop for a few months im hoping to return at some point good luck i so hope they work for you xx

  • I'm on injection number 8 today and can definitely feel the difference so fingers crossed you will be the same.

  • Hello there - when starting any new medication it can take a little while for your body to adjust to it. Hang in there and if you need any support or further information do get in touch with our helpline 0800 2987650.

  • I am so fed up. Only managed 4 injections of Benapali before I got allergic reaction Severe Rash. I've had this with all drugs so far except Prednisolone. They are trying Enbrel next. Does anyone know if there is a pre test for allergy to Biologics. Steroid injection and Prednisolone tablets seem to be all I can tolerate. .

  • I thought Benapali was the same as Enbrel. Lol. Same stuff just different name, because they changed hands... So to speak.

  • I'm back on Benepali injections after a period of various infections when initially on it for a few weeks! Now been on it 5weeks & all good! Hurray!

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