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Live Vaccines are a problem !

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Just wondered if anyone has come across this one.

A couple of weeks ago I went with my daughter and New grandson to get his 2nd lot of vaccinations. Was told by the nurse that if anyone had a problem with their immune system and was on immunosuppressants then they were not allowed to change his nappy for 2 weeks(bonus for me)😉Then today my husband took our dog for her kennel cough vaccine injection. The vet informed him that if any person that is in close contact with our dog and had immune problems ,they suggested she didn’t advise the dog having it as I could develop whooping cough.

Anyone come across this one before. Thank you

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I've heard the nappy one before, but not kennel cough!

(Here's the nhs link re nappies)

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Jemmel in reply to helixhelix

Thanks, Going to take this info to our local NRAS meeting this week,that I help to run. It’s great to share👍

Wow! Who knew! I learn something new every day, thank you...

I've found a link that looks reputable. But says risk v low, and suggests rather than dog not having kennel cough vaccine you should take sensible measures to reduce risk even more.

Given that the kennels won't take our dog unless vaccinated then that's reassurimg...

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Jemmel in reply to helixhelix

Thank you so much for that. Very informative .

Hi Jemmel and helixhelix. The information you give in your post is (I guess) about live vaccinations for the rotavirus (hence avoiding nappies because it's spread through contamination after contact with faeces).

Thought you may also like to know (in case you don't 😉) that it's also relevant where a child has had the nasal vaccination for 'flu (a live attenuated (weakened) virus). In these cases, anyone with a severely comprised immune system (or anyone on immunosuppressants) should avoid all contact with the child for two weeks - so much more stringent precautions required then with the rotavirus vaccination.

Here's what the University of Oxford Vaccine Knowledge Project say...

The nasal flu spray should not be given to anyone who is very severely immunosuppressed. This is because the weakened viruses in the vaccine could replicate too much and cause infection. Children who have been vaccinated with the nasal spray should avoid close contact with people who have very severely weakened immune systems (for example, people receiving chemotherapy or people who have just had an organ transplant) for about two weeks following vaccination. This is because there is a very small chance of passing the weakened vaccine virus on to them. If it is not possible for a child to avoid contact with someone who is severely immunosuppressed (for example, because they live in the same house), the child should not receive the nasal flu vaccine. It may be possible for them to have the inactivated flu vaccine instead. (See also 'Is the vaccine safe?' at the bottom of this page.)

And here's a link to further information...


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helixhelix in reply to Foggyme

Thanks....a good reminder. Although we shouldn't panic, as we don't have a very severely compromised immune system as on much, much lower doses of immune suppressant drugs than people having chemotherapy etc. Ours is just a bit flattened, so just take normal precautions unless otjer reasons why you are particularly fragile.

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Foggyme in reply to helixhelix

Thanks helixhelix. No panic here 😉...though the nurse who administered the nasal vaccination to my grandchildren was pretty insistent that this also included those who take immunosuppressants for autoimmune conditions. So hmm 😳.

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helixhelix in reply to Foggyme

This is what NRAS say....

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Foggyme in reply to helixhelix

Thanks helixhelix. Very useful link.

I'm on immunosuppressants and above the 7.5mg steroid limit, so for me, the two week exclusion does appear to apply.

Just goes to show how tricky it is when there is such a range of treatment plans in place for those with autoimmune conditions. And steroids seem to add an extra level of complication.

Going to save the link for future reference, so many thanks 👍

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Jemmel in reply to Foggyme

Thanks x

Not personally, but you appear to have on the ball medical & veterinary advisors!

Hello Jemmel. Yes. I was warned about it on the first day. Along with avoiding unpasteurised eggs or milk, unwashed vegetables. But live vaccines could run riot if one's immune system cannot stop them.

Never heard anything like it and I have grandkids, a dog and PSA. Gosh another thing to worry about! Ignorance is bliss!

Yes, I was told this at the vets this week, the vet would not give it to my dog without me having clearance from my Rheumatology team. They said it's fine (I'm on MTX) so the dog is booked in for it on Friday 😊


I recall an article on the news a few years back where a grandfather had not washed his hands properly after changing his grandson's nappy.

The grandson had just had the polio booster and so the grandfather ended up with polio.

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