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Does anyone suffer with warts since starting immune suppressant drugs for RA.


Hi does anyone have a problem with warts on hands and feet since starting on immune suppressant drugs for RA. I have been on them for 10 yrs and during the last 8 yrs of that time have i have got warts on my feet and hands,i have tried everything and can't get rid of them they really get me down. I went to see a Dermatologist about them and he said he had come across this problem a few times where patients had been on immune suppressant drugs. I am in a catch 22 situation i need my immune system to be full on to fight them off but then i risk my RA getting worse. I would really appreciate any feed back please.

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I have one wart on the inside of my hand under my lttle finger and it's very obstinate and has grown since starting the MTX but I'd never made the connection. My mum used to have terrible warts on her knee and then she broke her knee and was in a cast and when it was removed all the warts came off with it! Perhaps there is some kind of equivalent treatment you can use on them - although the dermatologist probably would have told you if so. I have developed lots of strange facial blemishes/ pimples since being on MTX and they annoy me a lot too. Sorry I'm not much help but you have my sympathy.


Ladybird47 in reply to Hidden

Hi TildaT

Thanks for your concern yes the dermatologist said there are other treatments out there but, but they can't be used with MTX.Also there is no guarantee they would get rid of them permanently it is catch 22 situation.If you are concerned about your blemishes you should ask your GP to refer you. good luck Ladybird 47

Neonkittie17 in reply to Hidden

I had the same here also happened re a small wart after commencing MTX ten years ago but it went after a couple of years. Mine was just below the inner side of the nail.

No facial blemishes at all though.


I had this problem on chemo for ovarian cancer 3 yrs ago and a flare of them when I started on methotrexate last year for RA. A home remedy which I know works is fresh banana skin fleshy side down- cut banana skin to wart size, put flesh side down and cover with a plaster overnight- within a few days (everyone is different!), the wart turns black which means it is dying and eventually drops off. You might need to persist for longer with resistant warts but this does work- I used it for a really bad case on my son's feet which the GP couldn't get rid of- doc was very impressed!! Good luck.

Polly x

Thanks for your feedback Polly i have tried this and many other treatments over the years. I have also had cyrotherapy on them which is freezing them off, very painful but they came back, I am now trying vinegar and 25% salysitic acid paste which the Dermatologist prescribed.Once you get the wart virus it stays with you and it is your immune system that helps keeps it at bay, when in healthy working order.I hate the things i have 9 on my hands and 2 on my foot. My family call me the Wart Warrioress :)


How weird is this?

Last night I discovered I have what looks like a wart on my outer thigh almost exactly where I have been injecting my MTX. I would never have thought there was a link. But then isn't a wart caused by a virus? And haven't we all had our immune dial turned down to low?

Polly, that is an amazing idea! Banana skin. I am going to try that.

Do any of you have OHs who look at you with a glazed expression because there is only so much they can take before their head explodes? Or is it just my OH who is at the very end of his tether and about to snap! Whoops.


Vinegar and salasilic acid paste. I will try that too. Relieved actually. Wasn't sure if it was something sinister on my skin.

MTX is all about balancing the problems it brings against the problems it removes. At the moment I am anti-MTX as I have had so very many problems because of it. But as my symptoms start to return I shall no doubt want to use it again.

Oh dear!

Yes Phoebe i agree with you about MTX Have you had tingly mouth and dry eyes while taking MTX. I came of it for 4 weeks i have been back on it for 2 weeks lately I have had a tingly mouth and bottom lip i am thinking that it may be going back on MTX or my RA effecting them. It's certainly a job of work knowing which are side effects and which aren't.Hope you manage to get rid of your wart. Ladybird 47 x

I have a wart on the side of my forefinger. Where I inject MTX into my middle, I get small dry scaly patches. The GP called them kero something or other. No other warts but have noticed an increase in whiteheads (milia) on my face and had one inside my ear which eventually popped and came out.

Funny old world. LavendarLady x

Hi LavenderLady

I can relate to the milia you have, i have some small ones on my chest never related them to the drug though thought it was a going in through the change thing. Ladybird x

Oh wow I thought it was just me! I have developed a wart on the inside base of my middle finger and thought nothing of it. Then the other night I was massaging some foot moisturiser into feet and feltsomething on the sole of my foot. Its not sore so just thought nothing of it. Now I wonder if its connected to mtx and oh joy mines just been increased xxx

Hi Treesha

Just a little advice treat your wart now while it's new in my case i have tried everything over the years and am still trying i hate them, but i know it's down to my immune system not being on full throttle. My rheumy nurse said she had never heard of this i told her to have a look on the NHS website for warts and there a few mentions of this problem, a tip to stop it spreading as they can do paint it with a matt clear nail polish and sometimes i believe this can get rid of them, everyone is different. I am the wart warrioress ha ha ha Ladybird x

I believe you're correct with the idea of clear nail polish, or any color for that matter....

Works because you're suffocating the warts. They must have oxygen to survive.

Btw, i'm on Methotrexate and I believe I've got another wart. Had probably 8-12 at a time for about three months, maybe a year ago.

I get my nails done to and am wondering if I'm picking it up there and because of immune system I break out easily.

Also on high dose Remicade every 4 weeks for dx of Behcet's and neuro/CNS Behcet's.

Thanks ladybird I wqill start treatment tonight fingers crossed (gently) it works. Things are bad enough without warts too!!! Xx take care

Ladybird47 in reply to Treesha

Good Luck Treesha Ladybird x

Hi Ladybird, yes. I have a large 1/2 wart/callous on my left heel for years that I've tried everything & nothing worked for long. I've had it burned off, frozen off, cut off, and I've been using that salicylic acid for a year & using a (I never can remember the word) rough pedi/loufa thing too.

I probably don't walk correctly either; I tend to walk flat-footed, so that I have less pain & more control. If I could get rid of the callous, I think I might be able to get rid of the wart & vice-versa. Oh well.

I'll have to try the banana peel thing, cool advice Wart Warrioress. Although, what is a plaster, just a band-aid?


Ladybird47 in reply to Tinwoman2

Hi Christine

Yes just a band aid you may need some surgical tape over it to keep it on, at the moment i am using the sal acid and vinegar i just try to keep them from building up and looking ugly.I like you have had everything done to get rid but nothing has worked so far. but i shall warrior on and live in hope :) good luck x

SylviaMA in reply to Tinwoman2

Yes it is

You have relieved my mind. I have a massive wart on the palm of my hand, and umpteen whiteheads and scaly bits on my body. Thought it was yet another symptom of falling to bits. Really must get a drug other than MTX, which makes me dysfunctional 5 days out of 7, and in pain for the two days in which my brain works

I'm amazed with all this wart talk. I've been on Orencia ( biological) for 6 weeks and started noticing warts within 2 weeks. On my face, inside thigh and ankles. I will be trying bananas for sure. Vinegar and acid sounds good but assume must get script for acid? Love these posts that stumbled upon👏 Everyone, thanks for sharing.

SoulmanPaul in reply to Arielb

Hi. I don't suffer from warts myself but I see mention of salycilic acid-pretty certain that's the active ingredient in corn plasters. Maybe an option?


HI try warticon solution expensive but it works

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