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So off to see the physiotherapist today I think 🤔 it’s my class ??? To learn

My physio before and after knee replacement 🤦🏻‍♀️feeling a little bit anxious 😦

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Doing your physio both before and after replacement surgery is what leads to the best recovery. My husband had his hip done last year, we had one group session with the physiotherapists before the big day - everyone, partners, careers etc was invited and joined in. It was fun.

Afterwards he had a physio came to the house - think it was four times and that was very useful but you’ve got to do the exercises to make good progress.

I found this really useful website one thing it does say is don’t do anything that causes pain even if your physio tells you to do it. Exercises might be hard work but they shouldn’t cause pain.

I say to everyone I meet these days - if you haven’t had your op yet, when you speak to the anaesthetist before you go into theatre ask if they can offer you sedation and an epidural - it is amazing how fast you recover by not having to have a general anaesthetic, you don’t feel a thing either. My husband didn’t find out if it would be an option until he met with the anaesthetist an hour or so before his op but luckily he had one.

Hope all went well. x

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Yes hun thanks it was great 👍

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I know I will help you prepare for your op and I'm so glad it went well. x

It will be really helpful. Physio is totally key for a good result before during after abd few years after too. Goox luck

I'm finding hydrotherapy really helpful as well.

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