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Elbow bursitus

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Have elbow bursitis as a large swelling with tough tissue inside. I gather common with RA. Read that it normally goes away after 4 to 6 weeks. This thing has been there on and off for 6 months and now seems like a permanent resident. More pain in that arm and numbness in fingers etc. Not sore to touch. I read fluid can be syringed or whole thing cut out. GP was hoping it would go away. Any suggestions for remedies or treatment would be greatfuly received?

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I would like to hear any suggestions as well. My pinkie finger and the one next to it have been numb and have a pins and needles feeling for about 3 weeks now. My Rheumy is aware of it but has not given me any hope of it going away. Ive been taking prednisone and methotrexate (first pills now injections ) for about 6 weeks. I don’t need a cane anymore for my swollen knees but the swelling and numbness in my fingers is a new symptom. 🙁

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Hi Bubblyb, good to hear that you don't need a cane anymore. I have no information on numbness other than the acupuncturist says there are 2 nerves that run through wrists on top of each other. One tends to affects right side and other left side of hand. Mine numbness is right thumb side of hand. Not sure if this is related to my elbow bursitis. I know higher doses of prednizone mask numbness a little but not for long. Am on 4 mg/daily.

I found acupuncture by this skilled practitioner assisted but then I went back to manual work and got worse. Hopefully it will go away for both of us.

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Thank you so much for the information, and for letting me piggyback on your question ☺️ Hope you are feeling better soon!!

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It's early days for you, so you could see lots more improvement. But if you have numbness and tingling could well be a mechanical problem of pinched nerve in wrist, elbow, shoulder or neck, or similar as nerve squashed by some inflammation. Maybe toalk to your GP or see if you can self-refer to a physio?

Presumably you've tried icing it, and then an anti-inflammatory cream? Preferably prescription strength, not OTC.

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Thanks for good information Helixhelix. Will try icing and anti inflammatory cream. Yes I think it is a pinched nerve or something. Its the work I do with vibrating hedge trimmers and lawnmower etc that seem to bring it on. I do one days work and need 3 off. The bursitis seems to get bigger as well but could be co-incidental.

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