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Broken elbow? Anyone?


Hi, I have had RA for 5 years, but seem to have it mostly under control ( on Rituximab infusions) However, I have stupidly ( I say stupidly, as it was largely my fault I came off!) fallen off my bike onto my elbow.. yowch! Bad fracture...To cut a long story short they decided against plates and screws because of my RA and potted it. Pot's now off and I'm trying to stretch and bend the joint..double yowch! It is hell :( Has anyone been through this and could give me some advice please? I haven't heard from physio yet for an appointment. I take strong painkillers while I try to work my joint, but frankly, when its painful, I instinctively flinch and give up. I'm getting to the panic stage now, whenever I try to do the exercises. Im scared I wont get the use of my arm back! Help :((

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You really need to talk to physio - they can tell you what to do and how to do it! And they will push you as hard as they can (she says having just finished a course of physio!)

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Yes have heard from physio yesterday, got an appointment today. will keep you posted! Thanks for your reply.

The physio was very good! taught me some new moves to do, a lot better than the hospital told me to do! Feeling really positive at the need to keep that going.. :)

Did the fracture clinic give you any advice about physio or what you can expect from range of movement?

From my experience, if there has been a fracture it will be a case of slow and steady wins the race. If you are stretching it out so much that it is hurting then you may be over doing it? Physio post fracture can be a very different timescale, especially as the fracture site has been immobilised for so long.

Must be so tempting to want to stretch it out though!

Yes they said I should get the majority of movement back hopefully. Have now got an appointment this afternoon, so they should tell me if im doing it right/doing enough! sort of looking forward to going... :) T hank you for replying.

I had a bad fall just over a year ago and ruptured several tendons in each of my shoulders. One of them has improved a lot with physio, but the other one has got progressively worse, so I wonder it physio can sometimes help but not others.

I have so much pain in the bad one now that I could cry with the pain of trying to move it. I can no longer get dressed on my own, or reach around my back to wash myself or do my hobbies of crafting. It is painful all the time, even when resting. I take morphine and tramadol and also wear pain patches but nothing seems to help.

I saw an orthopeadic surgeon last week and he is going to do an operation to replace my shoulder. I am obviously worried about the thought of it but just feel that I can't stand this constant pain any more. I hope you get some help to make your arm improve and that you are soon able to move it about more comfortably.

oh no! fingers crossed you get sorted in to a better place with your shoulder. I know what you mean...constant pain drags you down very quickly. Remain as positive as you can...

hi i broke my elbow (radio head) about 4 years ago just falling backwards on it two operations and still not right now looking at getting 3rd op for replacement elbow

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