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Synovitis in my elbow


Is RA determine to take over my body? As if the pain in my Hands,wrist, right hip, knee and ankle not bad enough I know have the worse pain ever in my left elbow, this makes walking with my stick very painful.

Nothing is working for the pain so take oralmorph for some relief to sleep.

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I have it my elbow too x

I have it in both hands and feet at the moment,affecting the membrane and the tendons, but I suppose in RA it's the synovial fluid that becomes inflamed so where there is synovium we will get synovitis. Poor you, it's so sore isn't it and I agree it makes using my crutches so much harder, the consultant told me that as well as the RA drugs and the morphinei to try Brufen gel over my hands and feet, which I will. Have you contacted the Rheumies ,they may be able to given a steroid jab ?

Hugs and hope it improves soon. XxxA

My right arm and hands are like that and the whatever it is they run over you showed that i have it in my fingers and wrist and my hand is swollen on the top where my fingers join my hand. Hope you all are wellish,hugs to you all.xxxx

poor you i can imagine not that good trying to put weight on crutches.

just using my stick sometimes makes my shoulder ache like mad

Thank you for your replies, it had made me feel a bit better. Rhemy nurse has putme down for acqupunture, I wonder if it will make any Difference.

antibes in reply to SlimJacqui

I'm trying acupuncture next Thursday ill lips ate you I think it's better to try this first then if all fails have the jab. Good luck let me know how your acupuncture goes too a fellow sympathiser of elbow pain love Monique xx

Hi Monique I had my acqupunture and it worked on hip pain but no use to elbows. Hope you have better luck. xx

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