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Ear problem question

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I am just wondering if anyone has had the same issue and if it is related? Earlier this week I woke up in agony with a pain in my ear. The pain went away the next day and then tinnitus started. Now my hearing is also distorted at high pitch.

The strange thing is the exact same thing happened 2 years ago and lasted 6 months. When I finally saw an ENT they said I must have had a cold (which I didn’t and don’t now) which had caused water on the ear.

It might b coincidence but I was just wondering if there was any sort of ear inflammation? I have tried to google it and can’t find much. I have sero negative and hashimotos. I also have TMJ so perhaps that is related?


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I haven’t heard of ear inflammation related to RA. I would definitely see your GP for another referral to ENT. It could be a build up of wax or a polyp on the ear drum. My husband had an infection in his ear which wouldn’t clear up with antibiotics and he ended up having to have part of his mastoid removed.

I joined this group because I had earache for a few weeks ,on off chance there is a connection with ra. Found several posts suggesting it is ra in the jaw joint ,just under the ear. One suggested rubbing voltarol in the soft bit. Think it's helped.

Hello..only a short reply as I’m off out! I had a lot of “ear” problems and developed tinnitus. After a hearing test and seeing an ENT Consultant it was decided it was stemming from TMJ joint. The tinnitus really freaked me out at first but I’ve kind of got used to it now. If my neck is tense or my jaw is sore I find the tinnitus is a lot worse. Good luck..I hope you find out what’s causing it! 😊

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Thanks. Will try that.

I don't have tinnitus, but when my TM joints are inflamed it certainly causes pain which can seem to be in the ear. The dentist suggested voltarol gel which does help a little.

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Good to know. That makes total sense and perhaps why the “attacks” happen whilst in bed.

Hi ccg123, I have had a tremendous amount of trouble with my ears. I have TMJ and the ENT doctor said that can cause ear ache, especially if the TMJ clicks and cracks a lot. In 2009, I suddenly went completely deaf in one ear and it was found that the nerve had died. I was referred to the rhuematologist and it was found that I had RA from that referral and the rheumatologist said that would have been the cause of the nerve dying and of course there is nothing that can be done to restore it. People are always asking me why I don't have a hearing aid, but what they don't seem to understand is that a hearing aid just amplifies what little hearing you have. If you don't have any hearing at all, then a hearing aid won't do anything for you. I also have slight tinnitus in my other ear. All of this makes life difficult and it is hard to understand what people are saying if there are a lot of people speaking around you or there is other noise such as music in the background. I also can't tell where a sound is coming from and have trouble hearing if anyone speaks behind me. I sincerely hope that your ear problem can be sorted out but you definitely need to see your doctor and get a referral to ENT.

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Sorry to hear what happened to you. Yes I have made a GP appointment and will definitely ask for an Ent referral. Thanks

Hi ccg,

I too have ear problems, repeated infection also tinnitus. I thought at first was due to having Meniers disease. Have problems since September had several courses of antibiotics/penicillin. RA can affect the inner ear causing hearing loss which I have in one ear, can also autoimmune inner ear disease causing damage to tiny bones etc.

Hope this helps

Best wishes

Pamela x

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Thanks Pamela. Hoping they won’t fob me off saying it is caused by a non existent cold. :)

I have lupus and some other auto immune overlaps. Whenever I flare I get really severe tinnitus. My local ENT team explained that it is inflammation of the nerves in my ear. I also have a UTI at tge moment and I have found that some antibiotics give me tinnitus.

I've been in and out of hospital and am on my 10th (!!) week of antibiotics and the tinnitus is driving me mad .

I have had tinnitus counselling which helped and they gave me a few gadgets to help relieve some of the noise.

Unusually for me I have also had pain in my ears this time so I am thinking that the inflammation has been worse than normal.

Good luck

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Wow, sorry to hear that. Tinnitus is incredibly annoying. I didn’t have a diagnosis last time this happened so will be interesting to see if they look at the inflammation possibility. Thanks.

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happytulip in reply to ccg123

I have family members with RA, and also some of the meds used for RA and Lupus are similar, hence I am on this site. Some of my family with RA are troubler by tinnitus.

I use an oasis machine that was given to me for free by the tinnitus team at my local hospital, they were brilliant.

Either way tinnitus needs checking out especially if it is just on one side.

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Thanks. Not heard of an oasis machine. Thanks yes just one sided this time. Both sided last time

I thought I had an ear infection so went to my GP. He first checked my ears and said they were clear. He then jabbed both thumbs just to the back under both ears. I very nearly shouted the ‘f’ word but was very restrained & just yelled sh** instead! That’s the last time I see that particular sadist. My rheumy doctor confirmed it was another RD symptom to add to the list.

I hope your symptoms improve soon.

Nic xx

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Sorry to hear you had that. Last time I had the problem my ears were checked and weren’t infected either. Will ask my rheumy. Thanks

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