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Steroid injection

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I’ve been really bad this year and struggled for months with awful pain in both shoulders which has made life very difficult as I’m on my own now. I rang the clinic a few months ago and was given an emergency appointment with a locum Rheumatologist who upped my Sulfasalazine from 4 a day to 5. It’s not helped , in fact I’m worse now with pain in my wrists and thumbs. I’m convinced the medication isn’t working anymore , but I’m not seeing my consultant till the end of November so I rang the secretary and asked if I could have a steroid jab to give me some relief till I see my consultant. She kindly gave me an appointment for the nurse to do the jab this morning. My question is , do they work and how long do they last? I’ve never had one before. Thank you.

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Hi Barbie, I’ve had some steroid injections, a few in my hips and a couple of Depo ones which are for general pain relief and are given in your bum area. I found them really helpful, in fact I felt great afterwards! Sometimes you can get a bit of a steroid flare soon after the injection but this goes pretty quickly and you begin to feel better. Good luck x

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barbieg in reply to Downtime

Thank you. I’m having a deposit one. I’m so desperate for it to work and get my life back. What is a steroid flare?

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Caza in reply to barbieg

Hi, I’ve had three Depo ones & they worked so well for me. No side effects,think it was a few days before I felt some relief.

They lasted for about 6 wks but I know that it varies with different folk. Hope it works as well for you.

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A couple of times when I had a hip one, afterwards the pain in the hip actually increased for probably 24 hours at the most, then disappeared. I’m sure your Depo one won’t do that.

Hi yes they do work and can last months. I am due my third one in a couple of weeks. I am on sulfa too if you read the side effects it can cause flu like joint pains. Oh the joys we have of having RA regards janet. Damper weather affects me too. In the hot weather recently coped much better regards janet

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