epidural steroid injection

had my injection friday. It was given in a different place than the last one, but not as painful. My only complaint was that my appointment was 9-20am arrived 9-00 o'clock and didnt receive injection till 11-15 which meant i couldnt leave till 12-00. My son was my driver and he took a days leave from work and the day was gone on one errand. I am just hoping it works as good as my last if not better, fingers crossed.


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  • hoping it works for you x

  • hope you get some help soon , bless

  • Where did you get the injection I just got my third,2 in neck one in sacral area

  • it was about waist height and the last two i had were at the base of the spine. so we will see what happens


  • Hi Chris. It's really disappointing when you have to wait that long, Hoping it works a lot better for you, So that the time you have had to wait was worth it...Take care Xx

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