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Thank you all for your comments on last thread.

Well im home. Got home after a good journey, stopped a couple of times. (dont know what rubbish I was saying when said Pitlochery was too far west, its wasnt, we drove passed it). Unpacked, took some meds that were due, threw up big time and decided to take to my bed. I have put it down to tiredness. I now feel physically dreadfull, but in good spirits post holiday. Strange as I thought I would get the blues. Cant get out of bed, body gone on strike and shouting at me big time. Need to move as son in law and granddaughter coming for lunch. Ooowwwaaach....I hurt. Hay ho, lets hope it doesnt last. Hope you all feel better than me. Pleased to say sun is shining. I wish you all a good day. 😎

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Ruth12345, I hope you feel better as the day goes on. Great you had a good holiday though and some good memories to look back on.

Feel better soon Ruth. Resting in bed is probably the best thing after your holiday. You made me laugh out loud about passing Pitlochry! Haha. Don't worry, I am the world's worst road map reader πŸ˜‚ X

Ha ha I wondered when you said west πŸ˜‚ hope you pick up later on in the week

Thank you all. I know ill get there. Just a bummer after such a nice time.

Blahhhh to my geography...such a twit i am.....hay ho, there are worse things in life.

Thanks again. πŸ™‚

There's always a blooming price to pay for fun times with our nasty disease isn't there? Downright unfriendly I call it. I truly hope you feel better very soon


Thank you Gnarli. I was just tired on return from France just took a day or two to recover, but this feels so different. I do feel a bit improved tonight though if still rough.

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