Back from girly break

Hi ladies after my last miserable blog i have just returned from my break in Torremolinos with my friends we had a ball, loads of laughs some people were actually sorry we were going home. As we where their entertainment in a good way. I have to say the weather was fantastic the heat really does these sore joints good. I guess the old depression and tiredness gremlin was attacking my mind before i went. Just hope he doesn't come back to soon. Hope things are going well for you all, and if there not Big (((((( hugs)))) Ladybird x

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  • So glad you went and had a good time. Hope you enjoyed a couple of g and t's. Sounds like the break was just what you needed after all. Xx jo

  • Yes i did enjoy my G&Ts Jo Thx Ladybird x

  • That's great that you made the effort to go & had a good time. I hope the person you were worried about behaved, or even just fell I the pool. Try to keep holiday cheerfulness as long as you can, but a shame you didn't bring any sun back for us. Polly

  • Yes Polly really enjoyed it we had a laugh, and the friend i spoke about

    was fine, no probs hope you are well x Ladybird

  • Sounds like you had great fun, we could do with a little sunshine here to cheer us all up - i suppose it should be on its way soon though. I'm off to Blackpool in July, friends hen party, should be fun. Dressing up as Pocahontas!! just hope its warm-ish otherwise i'll suffer.

  • Sounds like fun Shoe a bit of fun does us all the power of good, can't beat a bit of girl power fun ;) x Ladybird

  • There's plenty sunshine up here for you all but it's just freezing cold with it!

  • That's great. It's amazing what some sun and a few laughs can achieve! Hope you continue to feel cheerful


  • thx Tissee x Ladybird

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