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Just what the doctor ordered


Thankyou for all your kind welcoming messages. I'm quite overwhelmed. You know I really think this group could be just the ticket for me and I am also here for all you lovely people. At last people to talk to who truly understand the mental and physical torture of these horrible diseases. A little chat, a big smile and a giggle mean so much. I cant wait to get started. Gill

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It makes a big difference when we can bounce off each other,I love ❤️ my wife to bits but although she's getting a better understanding of this illnessshe doesn't fully understand, like today we watch our grandkids and I've slipped away to the spare room for my afternoon Siesta xxx

Hi there. Ohh I know what you mean only last weekend I had to disappear for a nap. Sometimes I think they (family) don't understand but when I need a nap I really need a nap! You know what I mean. Nice to hear from you.

I've had a sneaky nap this afternoon 😴😴

heck .... doesn't everybody?

However much people try to understand RA it is impossible to fully understand until it is you.

I am a nurse with “ehem” years of experience and still I didn’t know how it really affects people until it was me and even then then the understanding of how it can affect an individual can be so different for everyone even when there are common themes - the most important thing be kind to each other and don’t compare.

Know that you can’t ever really know an individuals RA - with this understanding as a group we can support each other and live life the best we can x

Hi. This forum has been such a help. People are knowledgable and understanding. Welcome. 🙂

For sure people don’t understand what goes on inside. I force myself to stay active. Weights and total body fitness. I do what I can. I also do yoga and avoid the wrists. The instructor tries to give me wrist strengthening exercises. They are strong but painful. After a shoulder replacement I am back to playing doubles tennis. The group is varying in age and very understanding. On the outside no one can tell the aches and pains inside.

I'm a newbie too and learning all sorts despite having RA for years. Thanks every one fir being there. Yes I slept all yesterday pm and never hit up again!

Happy Sunday everyone.

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