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i dont know about embarassing bodys the othe night but what do you people think

it always amazes me watching that program along with that nip and tuck thing

maybe its me but what do you thing

the guy who had hair all over his body

then their is people not happy with their boobs

and all other sorts of things

is it me or what i dont get it if its not sore or anything why bother modifying it and risking getting something else

i could certainly go on the beach with hair all over me back

or with small boobs if i had any

i can understand large ones and back problems

BUT why spend all this money on something like this when their is more important issues to look at

what do you people think? perhaps ive lost the plot

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it's missleading - the nhs don't give these ops out on demand the way the show implies that is does.

doctors are more likely to tell you to stuff chicken fillets down your bra if you've got a couple of fried eggs up there or wear 'hold it in knickers' or exercise if you've got lose skin after weight loss or giving birth.

i went to my doctor concerened about excess facial hair and i was told to pluck it with tweezers! no posh laser treatment offered for me!

the way the programe shows those same stock shots of them snapping on the rubber gloves and squirting the ky jelly onto their intruments while pouting or raising their eyebrows about every 5 minutes just makes the show look more and more sleezy - its just making a mockery of people - its like a freak show where we're gaurrented to see someone's lopsided downstairs bits and hairy bum.

i think the people who go on there are desperate because their own doctor won't help them and even if they give the viewers a laugh at their bits (and more people laugh at them than pity them because that's how people are) they'll finally get some help and get fast tracked onto the surgeons table.

if there's 'no shame we're all the same' why don't those three doctors lob their bits out and show us how to properly examine our b***s and b***s for lumps instead of using a showerfull of atractive female rugby players or handsome firemen?

even their website has a gallery of boobs, willies and lady gardens! it doesn't have a gallery of feet, knobbly knees or big noses though..


It's just a looney programme altogether. And most people who come on it usually are in the altogether at some point. What amazes me is that lots of them say things like 'In 25 years of marriage I've never let my husband see my bum ....' then they gleefully whip their pants down in front of millions of tv viewers including, presumably, their work colleagues etc.!

I love your comments Rattus - the programme partly depends on the fact that we're not all the same plus I agree the presenters should do the whole damn programme naked themselves. Then whoever makes money our of it, the shareholders or whatever, should do some naked Morris Dancing in the middle of shopping centres just to show that the whole concept is fine & dandy! I don't think I'd watch, mind!

Luce xx


I've only seen it a couple of times so can't really comment but have watched something else (can't remember the name) where they are taking the mickey out if it, but I'm not sure that I could show any weird bits of me to a doctor let alone on tv!

Rattus/ your comments especially about about taking their pants down on national and lobbing THEIR bits out!!!!! Did made me chuckle :):)



I was at the gym a couple of weeks ago and watching this while on my elliptical trainer. All of a sudden there was a huge close up of a vagina on the screen quickly followed by a shot of an obese man and his "buried penis". I nearly fell off the machine in my haste to switch over to something more gym friendly! I think it's very sad that people are forced to show their most intimate parts on tv in a last ditch attempt to get treatment for health conditions.

Paula x


Um some is a bit weird but some is educational.. think male back wax should be made compulsory!!


Well i haven't watch it much to be honest, it isn't my cup of tea at all, But i have had a good laugh reading these blogs, xx


I've seen the programme "embarrasing bodies" a couple of times, interesting but not my kind of viewing. Once you've seen one hidden willie or hairy bot, you've seen them all !

But, I'm with you summer, back wax is good!


If you think I would want a 'back, sack & crack' wax you've got another think coming Summer!!! :-)


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