Confronting the doctor, cont'd---

I thought I would update my good friends here on my last rheumy doctor visit. So if you remember, I am seronegative RA, but at my doctor visit in September, I was in the middle of a flare for various reasons and my doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. This, I knew was absurd as I don't fit most of the criteria for fibro. However, to my dismay, it was added to my health chart. Fast forward to February, and filled with much valuable advice from you folks, I saw my doctor again. I stated why I didn't think I had fibromyalgia. He looked at my recent MRI results (showing bone marrow edema and synovitis) and poked around at a few places on my person and simply said, "Ah, you don't have fibromyalgia." Simple as that. Sometimes I wonder if they practice 'Pick a diagnosis' for the day!

Feeling much more at ease now!

All the best to you all!

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  • Well done you. The more patients are properly informed and politely assertive the better the doctors will get.... So glad it worked.

  • Couldn't agree more with helix. If we are well informed and assertive, the health care people will thank us in the end.

  • This is just what I need to know. How to be informed and more assertive at appointment s. I am still crying and upset at yesterday s review.

    Angry with myself too that I have got no where from it. So it is carry on with problems until next visit.

  • My advice is to educate yourself, keep a journal of all your day to day symptoms, take pictures of visible signs and pray for a resolution to your condition. This condition not only wreaks havoc on your body, but plays games with your mind. And some doctors contribute to the battle. I wish you strength, moomie. Hang in there and don't be afraid to look for advice here. It is a great support system!

  • I'm really pleased your Rheumy listened to you, poked around & checked your MRI results again. It does concern me though, we seem to be seeing an increase in fibromyalgia diagnoses both alongside & in place of (on the odd occasion) an existing RD diagnosis. It seems to me if there's some doubt this is when fibromyalgia is diagnosed, maybe correctly but possibly incorrectly in some instances & some may continue along the wrong treatment path risking damage as RD is left to cause trouble.

    I remember not long before my diagnosis, so about 8 years ago, I'd had what I can only describe as aches & pains which I put down to too much gardening. Around the same time I first heard about fibromyalgia (I saw something on TV I think it was Dr Chris on This Morning) & it got me wondering is that what I could be at the start of? I remember being interested enough to research it but there wasn't much out there. I didn't act on it but it wasn't long after when my feet were inflamed & painful, I half expected this diagnosis, certainly not seropositive RD! Just my thoughts. I may be a mile off but it does seem a popular diagnosis nowadays, I just hope it isn't a lazy one. ;)

  • I agree with you nomoreheels! I was terrified that he was going to discontinue my enbrel, which has been my lifesaver for me! I explained my situation to my gynecologist who said what you have suspected--that fibro is the diagnosis a doctor might tend to give if they don't know exactly what to say. I don't deny that some people may indeed have this condition, but it should be handed out for good reason after much patient involvement in the discussion.

  • I had a similar situation with a doctor that my orthopedic doctor had sent me to for some help with pain management. She poked around on me and immediately said "You have Fibro". I was shocked and upset because that wasn't what I was sent there for! I didn't go back to her! Anyway, I went to my next Rheumy appointment and told him what she had said. He looked at me and said "You don't have Fibro! You have a diagnosis and a known condition. Most times a dx of Fibro is given when there is no other reason for your pain." And that was that, and he went on to other things. :-) Sometimes you just have to have a big eye roll and go on with life. :-)

  • Exactly! I love that your rheumatologist is so forthright!

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