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My Troubles with DWP.


When things changed and they did a big cull without actually giving us a medical, I sent my appeal off but when I was there and they asked what was wrong with my hands, I couldn't even remember what was wrong with me lol, I sat there head in hands my mind was completely EMPTY, little did I know I had Dementia, and because of that I was sent on my way with the word NO ringing in my ear, I have suffered for about 40 years and I finally got the diagnosis, on the same day I had an appointment with the house of plenty and the bloke had a smug look on his face, I let him almost done I gave him my letter of diagnosis, his face colapsed and struggled with the word OH, LOL.. The. Assessor came a week later and she did all the medical questions till she came up with a question about my dementia, a simple one if you don't have dementia lol, whatever way it turns out be positive.


You can tell it's a good day lol.

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A brilliant turn around. Good for you !

Philip in reply to Hopeful1

Thank you.

Yes they're too quick to judge ,overlooking a lot of things like anxiety and stress and how certain illnesses like my PSA can cause fatigue. They're not trained enough to know that with fatigue comes brain fog a feeling of depression and not even wanting to talk or communicate.It's good you've had a good day and many more to come Phillip ,😉

Philip in reply to Magymay

Very true but they pay a huge lot of our monies to nothing wrong and you can still do some sort of work and that that, when bam thank you mam.


Good for you Philip, glad someone's got something out of the buggers, that's a scary diagnosis for you too, poor soul. X

Philip in reply to Hidden

Thank you

Why do these people do this all they have to do is look at every case with an open mind and then try to help the person not laugh as if they have got one over you, dementia is the curse of all people and these idiots should have training to identify people with this ailment , it makes my blood boil to think they get a bonus for turning down people with ailments that are real if you are due anymore in benefits then go for the lot and good luck to you

Philip in reply to Gameo

There is so much change now within the system, even those who are meant to be independent.

Springs to mind when filling out Mum's - bloody hell - can't remember - disability claim form 5 years ago - Mum diagnosed with mixed dementia - however, the Assessment Centre returned the form to Mum's address !!! Yes, you can guess how she opened and read it and all hell broke out ! My sister had awful trouble calming her down ( yes, she was in denial ). Then sister rang Assessment Centre where she asked what blithering idiot posted the form to Mum ?

Philip in reply to weymouth321

Mixed dementia is a nasty one, there's no compassion here at all, they are only in it to line thief own pockets.

It was soul destroying and I had my head in my hands and my head was blank, the only other thing I said, another point for David Camerun, I've spelt it right lol and went home numb.

charisma in reply to Philip

I hope you have support through all this. It can be so nerve wracking without dementia too.

I got turned down for ESA again; last time I went from 0 points at their cruel and ignorant assessment to 21 at Appeal.

They write stuff you don’t say, and omit important points you did make.

Oh well, recent review was not so good so I can ask for revised decision on that as well as inaccuracies. And I got antibiotics last week, cannot shift an infection after starting Leflunomide!

Best thing is, I get State Pension anyway from 6/07/2018.

Cruel thing is, the Gov system does not care but wants to get everyone off benefits or dead.

Very glad you got through it.

Reverse dementia?

Hidden in reply to charisma

You too Charisma? How can they go from 21 on previous appeal

To that, utter disgrace. Sounds like mine, couldn't believe report when i read it! How unethical is it for a govt department to be handing out bonuses to assessors too to deny claims: not transparent at all & needs to stop i think x

charisma in reply to Hidden

Thanks, Kerena. It is indeed a total disgrace. I don’t know about the bonus system for assessors/decision makers.

My son took my ESA revise decision papers to the Jobcentre and they are sending it all by their own courier system, nice and quick.

I posted a photo of staggering cost to Gov of ESA Appeals: £42.2 million seven years ago for fewer than 2,000 cases!


Philip in reply to Hidden

It's soul destroying, there once was a keyboard warrior, herself being disabled was fitting the fight for all disabled people around the country Nd she was doing a great job but then ATOS made her an offer she couldn't say no too, £70,000. And I believe her life is so much easy and she smiles every day lol.

Philip in reply to charisma

There is so much these people get away with, is unreal, there is thousands who will be reassessed because they were not given a fare trail at first and if successful they will be given the benefit they were cheated out of in the first place, it beggars belief it really does, support is ok but I now live alone because things about me and my dementia was causing to many arguments and now we are separated about two years ago but my wife is still my carer and supports me, I go to see her and my 7 year old Daughter who is my reason for living and I don't want to get so far into dementia that I forget who everyone is, that would cause to much to much heartbreak with my family and I doubt if I went into a home I doubt that all my other 12 illnesses would be ignored. That's life I'm sorry to say.


All that and I'm not even in my 60s yet lol, I'm keeping, positive as I sail along lol, I've had it around ten years, keep strong.

keep on keeping on as they say. Nowadays I start writing up my conditions on the computer as its less arduous than handwriting. I may take me up to 3 weeks to achieve what I want to say, and when I read through it, I think who wrote this? There are times when my memory is so appalling that I don't remember writing that, but it is there so I must have done. Other times it's really foolish writing and needs to be removed and started on again. I get copies of my Consultant's letters and I put them into my computer by scanning. I can then print, or email letters to people. It's a lot of ink and paper to print, but at least they have the evidence.

Also I have Anti-phospholipid syndrome and have memory problems. St Thomas hospital sent me for a memory test and it states that when I have to think it takes time to process what I have been asked this in turn adds to the fatigue and inability to concentrate. I do hope that you can get the diagnoses that you need and your GP secretary is as supportive as mine as I now have evidence, especially when they don't always send me a copy.

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