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PIP f2f next Thursday


I've got my assessment next week but it too short notice to arrange for someone to come with me, also if I go on public transport it's a bus a train and another bus. My gp hasn't provided any letters of support but said that she would write to them if asked. I have no supporting documents as my specialist nurse has retired. I feel haven't got a chance especially hearing everyone's experience. Any advice anyone?

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Can you rearrange the appointment so you can get something together. Also. You can ask for an appointment in s closer centre to you. They once sent me an appointment that was several buses and a train journey away! Do insist on a closer centre.

Do you have any benefits advisers near you?

kt11 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Nettienet, I will try and find a benefit advisor x

I would ring and say it’s too far. I was asked to go for ESA one that was a day trip away at time it was my adviser at Jc that told me to ring and ask for closer one.


Good luck I’m also waiting for mine 🙂

kt11 in reply to Nuttyshirlz

Thank you Nuttyshirls. Good luck with yours, will report back x

I agree in trying to get a closer appointment. You will be done in to do all that and also they may think you can cope if yoj dont try and get it closer. I dont know about the latter, just what I have heard. Good luck.

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Thank you Ruth x

Hiya kt11. How soon is the assessment date after the DWP's receipt of your PIP application? It could make a difference because ordinarily I'd suggest you request a deferred (extended) date which will give you time to collate the additional medical evidence you need but if it's unusually short then that shouldn't apply. I think my appointment date was about average at just a day short of 8 weeks after receiving their text informing me they'd received my form, though the assessment date was a further fortnight due to my requesting an alternative (closer & more accessible) venue. You can only ask for it once you see but if it's unusually quick I think you have good reason to say just that, it's been too quick & the one alternate request rule shouldn't apply. You can check online for the nearest assessment centre to you as well, just in case they've done similar to you as they did to me & have given you a ridiculously inaccessible venue. Asos carry out the assessments in my area so I used this one mypipassessment.co.uk/consu.... I found one only 10 mins drive from my home with a dedicated car park & ground floor assessment rooms. If you're under Capita I'm sure they'll have a similar page.

As your Rheumy nurse is no longer in a position to could you ask your Rheumy for supporting evidence? Anyone else you see too, Physio, Podietry & such, they may if you ask them. Just one thing though, I asked my GP for written evidence & she told me they'd been informed by the DWP that GP reports are no longer accepted & that any received weren't included as evidence, or, as she said, ignored. She did supply me with the last 4 years reports, results etc though, that covered plenty! As your GP has offered to though then I would accept her offer.

Try not to worry, I'm sure things will work out ok if you ask for an extension & then hopefully you'll be able to arrange to have someone accompany you, that really helps, more so if they can drive you to the venue. I've recently had my PIP renewal assessment & as with my initial PIP assessment my h came with me.

All the very best. Keep in touch, let us know how it goes.

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Thank you for that nomoreheels, a printout would be good, I'll check for a closer venue, will let you know, take care x


Hi i didn't have a lot bar meds list printed from online GPs (pretty obvious you re not going to be taking such serious meds without reason) filled out form with help from nras book, weekly and long term diary of how it's affected my life. That was it really, so don't worry too much.

However i did have original diagnosis letter detailing joint problems and meds side effects given to me by lovely GP (have asked for copies of all correspondence from rheumatology but that's all i ve received so far). Would your GP have copy of something like this kt (I'm sure they re copied in on everything)? Good luck.

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Thank you Kerena x

Take a recorder with you co you can record the apt.xxx

Hi, please be mindful that you can only change appointment dates maybe twice and then the whole thing is kicked out and not considered. As far as I'm aware you don't need to pre-arrange with them that you are taking someone with you for support. I had no papers with me when I attended and to he honest not at all prepared as I was going to cancelk the whole thing and in fact changed my appointment twice. I remembered to cover everything I possibly could that I had already filled out in my application. The whole thing was so relaxed, the lady I met was very kind and understanding, if I couldn't demonstrate particular movements she would choose to skip it. I felt I was really was on top form but a couple of weeks later I received my letter advising that my application had been approved.

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I'm glad it worked out for you juneann😊thank you x

Hi kt11 my RA department always sent me a copy of correspondence they send to my GP after every appointment at hospital. Do you not get these sent to you.

Also I'd phone for a nearer assessment venue. I took photocopies of the form I filled in and took that with me to meeting.

Hope you can change to somewhere nearer.

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Thank you Pulfx

I have just had the same problem. I phoned them and asked if I could have a home visit as it is too difficult to get to the venue. They cancelled the appointment and said they would get back to me.

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Good luck deltamatrix x

I have got my appointment for Pip, and it is in Slough, have asked my husband to take me there.

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