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Update on f2f appointment

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Well after an exciting meeting with my consultant she was reluctant to put me on another biologic as my bloods are always normal and there was no physical swelling showing today despite being in agony. It is hard for her as I am seronegative so it is harder to switch but I said that when I started Benepali on 20th April for 9-10 weeks I was pain free and then the pain started creep in. After highlighting that I am in agony in my joints and having to take co-codamol everyday is not fun for me and making me feel like a walking zombie she agree to switch to Adalimumab. Has anyone taken this and if so what was the experience like? Thank you in advance x

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I’m about to start that ... as Amgevita. There is imraldi, Humira and so on I believe.🤞🏻don’t you take naproxen or any other anti inflammatory like that? I found taking codeine separately to paracetamol more effective. Good luck with it.

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Hi there, unfortunately as I am asthmatic I am not able to take Naproxen and with Paracetamol I start to feel very nauseous. Me and pain meds do not go well together as I am taking cyclizine along with co-codamol as codeine alone make me very sick. I hope the treatment goes well for you.

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Ahhh I am a lucky asthmatic I think. I hope it goes well for you too. 🤞🏻🥰

Good result.. hopefully this is the one. I’m s- negative too I don’t get pain as such more swelling and stiffness. My bloods always good. I’ve my f2f tomorrow . Was with the consultant but with the senior nurse now. Apparently meetings tomorrow.. could be covid related major spike in the hospital area.

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I hope it goes well for you. You’ve had a big time rough time. 🤞🏻💖

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Thanks x

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Ms-D in reply to J1707

Hope all goes well hun. Will be thinking of you. I asked about shielding again and rheumy was saying govt wil be announcing something soon but who knows who will be shielding as apparently we arent that serious lol.

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Wouldn’t you know 🙄thanks x

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I almost said "who's a lucky girl then" and then I read "was with the consultant but with the senior nurse now"! Still, that's better than nothing - good luck with it. x

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😂😂😂felt like I had won the lottery when they rang to see me . But deflated yesterday when they cancelled but as you say better than nothing x

I don't know anything about it but hope it works well for you. x

I started taking adalimumab 2 months ago. I noticed a big difference within the first couple of weeks- I have a lot more energy, less pain including taking less pain meds and feel brighter in myself.

After phone call from rheumy nurse my inflammatory markers are still high but we are reviewing again next month.

Hope it works well for you

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Thank you so much. I just got used to the Benepali injectapen and now a new one. Im just happy its one every two weeks lol.

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