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Brrrrrrr chilly hang on, nope too warm



Relatively new to the site but have found the information posted on here invaluable.

I was diagnosed through a private health care appointment. Unfortunately my health insurance will not cover chronic health conditions. I am currently awaiting an mgs referral, unfortunately there is a 10 month waiting list in my area.

My GP has prescribed sulphasalazine and naproxen. I have been taking this for coming up to 4 months now. So far no horrible side effects however I do get terribly cold each evening my skin gets a blueish tinge and it can take a good couple of hours to warm up. Everyone else in the house will be sweltering. Then overnight I am often too warm, it seems as if I can't adjust my body temperature.

Has anyone else experienced these issues?

Thank you

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Hi saesae

Drink a hot beverage climb under a warm electric blanket or layers of warm covers or heat up a bed buddy in microwave. Hot water bottle gloves heavy socks

So sorry your insurance doesn’t cover chronic conditions. This is plain unfair

I prayed for you just now

Hope you get relief soon dear



Hi. It sounds like RA , not yet managed, flu like symptoms. Our gas CH bill was up 45% this March compared with March last year. (It hasn't been colder). OH had no RA until this year! He has had hot sweats at night too. Hope it settles soon!

Yes, or cold, hot and cold, extra clothes on ... off. Some days that may happen but then can go couple of weeks and fine.

Sorry you have long wait. Take care. Dont know if its an option but maybe you could say you could take a last minute cancellation appointment. However maybe your committments would not allow that.

Understand the heating bill experience.

Take good care of yourself.


Yes I’m same I’ve a electric throw off Qvc as Christmas gift which helps me when I’m having my cold spells last 3 days. I live alone so no one to moan about it being too warm lol only when ppl visit. But it comes and goes.

Hope you find something that helps xx

Morning Saesae I think it's a common theme with our condition , I've lost count off how many times the downies of on of on during the night and you've hit the nail on the regarding cold feet and hands, my body feels like it's going to explode in bed at times but my feet and hands are freezing

Liggle in reply to popsmith1874

So agree with every thing you say we have brought rise bed they look like a double but operate separately so single sheets but king duvet, I am freezing when every one else is hot and visor ,horrible thing R/A

popsmith1874 in reply to Liggle

Yes I bought an orthopaedic bed last year Best Buy I've ever bought

Oh bless you. That sounds like a blooming long time to wait. Yup, it sounds about par for the course that is uncontrolled RD. I have microwave hotties, including one that looks like a weightlifter's belt, an electric throw, electric blanket and a small dog who loves to snuggle. Perhaps, as already suggested, you could ask for a cancellation? Hugs


It's the RA causing the fluctuating body temps, I'm the same, though I tend mainly towards being too hot. Summertime is a nightmare for me.

Could be RD...but should also consider Reynauds phenomenon, which I have. White and /or purple fingers/toes are classic symptoms , plus severe cold in limbs. It can be treated....unless like me you are allergic to the medication!!!

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