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Is there help accessing a new career?

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Hello everyone, hope you're having a good day.

Due to pain from RA, OA and plantar fasciitis I had to leave my previous employment. I've worked since 1983 when I started mental health nurse training, more particularly in dementia care. More recently I let my qualification lapse and became a support worker as I prefer hands on care work. Unfortunately, it's the hands on care I can no longer manage. I left my last job ten months ago, and in recent weeks, as my health is improving, I have looked into a return to work. Due to not enough contributions in the last two years and my husband earning a decent wage, I am unable to access benefits of any kind. It's not even the money I'm seeking, although it would certainly help, but it's the support to access a different career those benefits would allow me. I've worked since I was 17, continued as a single parent, not claiming a single benefit, and now, at 52, because I have an illness, I need help but it's just not there. Has anyone else experienced the same?

6 Replies
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"You can get advice on reasonable adjustments from the Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) at your local Jobcentre Plus office"


"There’s more detail about employers’ obligations and how to meet them on the Equality and Human Rights Commission website."

These quotes are from the website.

There is also some advice on work adjustments on the NRAS website and an booklet on advice for employers

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Thank you so much for your reply.

Unfortunately, my local jobcentreplus doesn't have a disability employment adviser, they are in the process of taking one on, they estimate the person will be in place in about three months following a period of training. I am unemployed and am just looking for help to access a different career. On the job training etc.

I'm 52 with a chronic illness and sadly aware that doesn't make me a shining star among applicants for a job I have no experience in.

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If there is no disability person at the job centre, would it be worth contacting the citizens advice centre for advice?

I know that you need the money, but often, too, the way in to new employment is through volunteering - and you have lots of relevant experience! Applying to your local volunteer bureau might also be a way forward.

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Debbie65 in reply to oldtimer

Thank you for replying.

I've just found my local citizens advice bureau number. I'll get onto them and access the voluntary service also. I really appreciate the advice. The situation is frustrating me and I I hate being totally reliant on my husband. Fingers crossed its a positive outcome, thank you.

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I can't help re access to work except to say if you're well controlled advising such to a prospective employer may well help your case.

I know you say it's not the money you're seeking but there is one non means tested benefit you could be in a position to claim, PIP (Personal Independence Payment). This is the link to the .gov website to see if it could be of interest or helpful with purchasing the not inexpensive aids needed with this disease, it is some help at least.

Good luck with help returning to work.

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Thank you for your reply, I'll certainly look into it. I didn't think I'd be in this position at 52, looking to switch careers, it's incredibly daunting. I appreciate all the advice I'm given. I'll update my post with any outcomes, thank you.

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