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Well folks I found out something interesting today, I phoned my GP to see if I could get a steroid injection today as I'm really struggling with pain and burning joints at the moment, he said he would rather hold off at the moment until I have an ultrasound which I'm waiting for as I have DVT which I've had since October and am on blood thining tablets which is fair enough,but when I was down at Rheumatology last month the specialist nurse was going to give me one but couldn't as a doctor gave me one in January and it wasn't a 3month gap, but if it was viable she would've done without looking at my history and obviously the other doctor didn't check either so it just shows that we have to be on our toes with health issues

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Hi Popsmith, Yes I agree with you there. Things can so easily be missed, so you have to be on the ball all the time at appointments.

I would agree that you have to be on your toes but part of the problem is that the Hospital often has no record of what your GP may be treating you for and your GP is not always aware what treatment the hospital is carrying out - especially if you are under more than one consultant.

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I have found that communication between GP's surgery and hospital and then again between the different hospital departments is sadly lacking. On occasion I, unmedically qualified, have had to go from department to department to tell them what is happening. Their system will not accept my attachments if I try to do it by email and in some cases, different computer systems are used in the same hospital

I'm on lifelong Riveroxaban and the Consultant has to give permission I believe as mine can only be done at the hospital. My clots both a DVT 's and Pulmanory Embolosms related to RA are why I'm so passionate about so "cures" from diet and herbal potions which might mean if the RA is not properly treated it although rarely can kill. My joints are fine but the lungs shot.

All my details come up in the computer when my number gets pumped in so there is no excuse between GP and hospital, just lazyness on their part to check

That is bad. x

Yes that was my thoughts exactly and is why I always get a copy of my bloods so I can check myself x

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