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Hello :)

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Hello everyone I have finally taken the plunge and decided to join NRAS and the community. I was diagnosed with RA & Fibromyalgia in October 2011 whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment for Breast Cancer. Life is a struggle with my mobility issues but I continue to smile and remain as possible as I can but I must admit to be short tempered at times and having days when I cannot get myself up and need a day of rest in bed and I won't feel guilty for it! So glad to be here with you all and hope that I can offer support and advice as well as a few laughs a long the way :)

23 Replies
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Welcome you are now among friends they have been my lifeline in both good and bad times

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Hi and welcome to the gang you never wanted to join. This forum has been a lifeline for me, jam packed full of lovely, informed, compassionate people who know what it's like and happy to share a giggle or two. Hugs


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Welcome x everyone is wonderful on here and full of knowledge x

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To bring you a warm welcome 👋 & a smile ☺️, Madfordogs:


Leaping out of bed to start the day giphy.com/gifs/5UhCm0GMKOAU... & enjoy a bit of morning exercise giphy.com/gifs/Fv4WMcVSsnjt... & a bit of a nosh giphy.com/gifs/XcGaHMSrZT3Y... .

Then off to mingle 'n play giphy.com/gifs/NAxUstkvBFic... .


Winding down giphy.com/gifs/xQrlUXZkcH6y... then bath time giphy.com/gifs/ctLgi3Ak8s9W... .


A goodnight kiss giphy.com/gifs/xuoynj9Yfc6l... & off to bed giphy.com/gifs/3SkcC5Xkbf3o... to snooze giphy.com/gifs/znfB6huf09i7...


Dreaming giphy.com/gifs/XLI9wRul20wc... what fun giphy.com/gifs/YbgwD2YlfMOe... tommorrow giphy.com/gifs/XWhKJSN4Qm5Y... will bring giphy.com/gifs/F2SSkskdfQEb... . . .


😌 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞



Addendum: Just saw Stalbridge Cancer And Recovery Support (SCARS) ( scarscancersupport.co.uk/ ), Madfordogs. 👍👍 [Merely idea 💡 if SCARS is interested, an online community/ forum can be created ( healthunlocked.com/start ) under HU (HealthUnlocked) umbrella ☂ . . . .🤔💭 [Could be pretty nifty way for members to communicate & keep in touch in a ‘forum format’ if they wished?! 😃👍👍 (Merely idea. 😌 ) Gawd bless you 😇 for the work you do, Madfordogs. 😌 🙏 👼 Much, much appreciated. 🙏 ) Aside: There’s also a Fibromyalgia forum ( healthunlocked.com/fibromya... ) with some lovely, supportive folks as well. 👍👍


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Hello, I'm quite new here too but finding some interesting topics and good advice!

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Welcome SnooW!

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I'm new too , but already have received lots of good advice.

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And welcome to you too Mmrr. We are glad to have you!

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Welcome madfordogs

Happy to have you with us x

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Welcome there are lots of people on this site that are also mad for dogs🐕🐕🐕.

Regards Mike

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And many of us are mad for cats too! ha ha

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Mad for cats and dogs !

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SnooW in reply to Mmrr

That's me! Lol! Siamese and cocker spaniels! What a mad mix!

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Welcome. I only joined recently and have received many positive and informed info. Have a good day. X

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Welcome Loura!

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Hello Madfordogs, welcome to this site. You sound very positive. Keep in touch. I'm looking forward to your next post. All the best.

Hi Madfordogs - Welcome to the forum that you never wanted to join, but that you will find helpful nonetheless. Feel free to have a whine and a day in bed if it makes you feel better. We won't mind, and in fact will probably join you.. =)

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Hi Madfordogs - I am very new as well and am finding the forum very interesting and helpful.

Keep smiling and welcome.

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Hi you've certainly been through the mill as they say,I admire your courage and just remember when buoy have a bad day there's always someone here to lean on ,good luck with everything 😁

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Welcome to such an amazing site with people who know exactly how you feel and can relate to you as we're all in the same boat . It's great to have such a support network and know your not alone or judged by anyone ......

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Welcome to this great site

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