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HealthUnlocked makes a real impact on users' lives.

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We have the world’s leading graph database, we are able to make sense of our rapidly growing data and use it to help users find information and support.

86% described HU as life-changing or useful

* HealthUnlocked users Survey 2014


Why is this for free?

Our company mission is to connect up the world of health through people and organizations. The vision is people across all geographies

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How does HU make its money?

Our business goal is to be able to grow HealthUnlocked sustainably and align our revenues with the interests and satisfaction of our

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Why not use Facebook instead?

Facebook is great for 1000 things but HealthUnlocked communities have been designed with just one purpose in mind: to make it

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How does HU work with my existing digital strategy?

We provide customized badges and RSS feed widgets for your website to signpost visitors to your HealthUnlocked community

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What is a peer-to-peer support network?

At HealthUnlocked patients, caregivers and health advocates - at no cost - connect safely online with guidance from credible

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Which other organizations already use HealthUnlocked?

Hundreds of patient and health organizations worldwide already have HealthUnlocked communities. Browse through our directory to

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