hello :)

hi there everyone.

I just wanted to express how brilliant this concept of community this is!

I have joined only very recently, and decided it was time to do so.

I have been suffering with JIA/RA the majority of my life. (im 25, diagnosed at 18months old - and have experianced many difficulties along the way)

My biggest problem was that i could not identify with anybody else, nobody else knew exactly what I was going through... as you can imagine, this has led me down a difficult path... but this is now changing because of this site.

so, in short.. im looking forward to seeing your posts/questions and stories, because, you never know.. you ladies and gents could be making a MASSIVE impact on my understandings/problems/decisions/routes to control my horrid disease.

my confidence in living with RA is already improving (- look I joined a specific community!!! ) - therefore I thank you, andlook forward to reading your posts! :)

all the best,


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  • RA/RD/JIA is a cruel disease for any of us chlopage, but for someone so young - I can't imagine what your childhood and teenage years were like. I'm glad you've found us. Hopefully this community and NRAS will help you through whatever the future holds for you. xx

  • thank you. I appreciate ypur reply. I agree its a cruel disease for anybody to suffer, truly!

    Ill admit its been difficult growing up.. but im addiment to be proactive and not let it beat me! But then again, I wouldn't be the person I am today because of it! (will power and mindfulness are wonderful things!!) I hope it will help too! :)


  • Well hello Chlo and welcome. I am glad you've found us and that, that alone is helping you to feel less alone/isolated - I hope we can be of support and good company on those 'down' moments and look forward to hearing your perspective/thoughts/ideas about living life to its potential full whilst minding the needs of a petulant sulky immune system!


  • Hi ali - thank you!

    it may have taken me a while to actively seek a community like this where everybody can help each other... but I am here now! And I am hoping it will ease that 'lonely suffering' sensation!

    *quite proud of myself today*

  • I only joined a year or so back, in spite of my diagnosis being in 1987. We learn eventually that we need others like us to share and care. It works both ways. xx

  • I agree, very true


  • Hi Chlo

    Welcome to the site. I'm really pleased to hear that you've been finding it so useful.

    Kind regards



  • thank you victoria, I am.. and I hope it continues to do so!

  • And us yours Chlo! Welcome, it's lovely reading things like this & pleased you've found it helpful. We really are a tight community, like meeting up with like-minded people with a common bond, I don't like to use the word sufferers because I won't succumb to it as long as I'm able & the meds to their good work.

    You've certainly had a rough time having it the majority of your life. I'm sure it must have made a fighter of you! I've only had it since 2008 so don't quite know how my life had turned out if I'd had it as long as you. Makes me grateful actually.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of you & hopefully not because you're having a rough time. :)

  • I thought this was a great ice-breaker aha! ;)

    You are very right, I am a real fighter and I don't ever give into it- actually imquite stubborn at times tehehe...

    In retrospect, I actually feel quite lucky I've had it for this length of time.. Because I don't know any different other than to live with it and learn to look after myself :) - sounds crazy right?!

    As do I look forward to hear from you soon!


  • Welcome, Chlo! I'm so pleased to meet you. I'm a new diagnosis, and I already can't quite imagine not having this network of support. I'm so glad you're here and it's helpful. :) There's something intensely healing about knowing you aren't alone with it, isn't there? I look forward to reading your posts, too! xx


  • hiya bats! Nice to meet you too :) I'm pleased to hear you have also benefitted from this network after being recently diagnosed!

    I agree with you, definately... !


  • Welcome chlo so pleased to welcome you and hope to hear from you.Have a lovely weekend xxx

  • Thanks Iainee! I hope your weekend is good too :)


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