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Hello all

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Hope you are all as OK as you can be .I've had a lovely break in the sun in Fuerteventura , and it really helps the joints. But now off to North of Scotland for a break, can't imagine I'll be sunbathing here.

Disknee is causing me problems and now I'm having hydrotherapy, sound nice it's agony!! Oh well ill keep trying got to get better for festival season. Lots of ❤️ A xx

31 Replies
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I'm going April 19thCosta calima

Normally pre pandemic its Costa caleta

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allanah in reply to summer32A

Oh wonderful. Costa Calm is lovely Going back to tour southern Spain july August!

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Always good to hear from you allanah. Keeping my fingers crossed you will feel 'festival fit' as the time approaches. Keep moving in the right direction and sending some warm wishes. xxx

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allanah in reply to Pippy25

Thanks Pippy ! Hydrotherapy hurts!

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Scotland is so beautiful! You lucky thing. Hope the weather is kind to you ☘️

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allanah in reply to Green230461

Me too, taking my wetsuit to do cold water "swimming, " as I can move my legs mord like paddling lol . I find it cools my joints

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All right Jet setter! It's great to hear that you have had a break in warmer climes. Spring is just around the corner here in the South. I guess you'll have to wait a bit longer in the wilderness of Scotland. Be good. x

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allanah in reply to stbernhard

I'll try , there's gonna be prosecco though ....

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Hope the hydro does really well for your knee as it has done for mine. It’s meant I haven’t needed knee surgery so far, but I think that’s a matter of time as the years tick on! Hydro got me to an excellent level of fitness ... then the pool closed down! Enjoy your travels. 💗

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allanah in reply to Neonkittie17

This us just through the physio 6 weeks but then I hope to get back to hydrotherapy too x glad you sound well x

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Neonkittie17 in reply to allanah

I’m doing fine on Abatacept 🙏🏻🤞🏻 but can’t say for sure if it’s still Rtx doing something too, even after 22 months since last infusion and my rheumy says it’s possible! (Blood tests will show if Abat is working on my T cells.) My issue is the low immunoglobulins/ hypogamma and utter exhaustion/fatigue.. Osteo widespread too but I seem to defy it. Restrictive though as you know. Hope you are soon moving the knee much more freely. 💗xx

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allanah in reply to Neonkittie17

Good luck with the blood tests results, fingers crossed

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Neonkittie17 in reply to allanah

Thank you and I’m wishing you well and thinking of you. 💗

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How wonderful🥳

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allanah in reply to Evie3

Thanks Evie , it does you good

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How wonderful! We're gasping for a holiday! Waiting until my new meds work (or not) and hip injection, then we're going to look at a cruise once I can, hopefully, walk better or at least in less pain so I can sit on a mobility scooter. Enjoy Scotland! X

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allanah in reply to Haz58

Its weird waiting on treatments , I wish I could change that in the NHS. I've been waiting for an iron infusion since January, getting a telephone call April 1st , feels like an April fool but its not!

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sampete in reply to Haz58

I'm gasping for a holiday to. Tell me do you fly and take your scooter with you? If so how easy is it to take with you? I have a small foldable one.

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allanah in reply to sampete

It's easy as I just arrange it with the accessibility first , usually on the holiday website . They take you in a buggy to the plane, take you up into the plane in a lift then you do have to walk to a seat but I can do that. They put the scooter in the hold. Mind you depends where your going as you can hire scooters ,and those stand on electric things etc abroad often !!

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sampete in reply to allanah

Thank you

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Haz58 in reply to sampete

I've not got a scooter yet but I will get a travel fold up one if the hip injection doesn't help. I need to get away after 6 months of going nowhere except Hospitals and GP surgeries. How do you find your travel scooter? Is it stable and comfy? And would you recommend the one you have? X

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sampete in reply to Haz58

I would say buy a 4 wheeler more stable than the 3 wheeler. Mine folds automatically with a key. Comfort wise ok if short journey but I have bad hips so get quite stiff. I also bought a padded motorbike seat cover for extra comfort.

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Haz58 in reply to sampete

Thanks sampete. Yes I thought a 4 wheeler would be better. Good idea about a padded seat too.

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allanah in reply to greynot

Thanks so much , it's great to be out and about but pushing yourself through takes it out of you .... so then I deserve to sunbathe or have a wine, don't you agree lol 😂

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greynot in reply to allanah

Sunbathing and wine....yes please.

I've just been listed for a new knee, and was feeling 'oh no, another year thrown into disarray'.

Your post has given me the lift I needed. So much we CAN do and look forward to. I've just given my head a wobble and reminded myself of the plans I've made ( working up the list will be a while), of how well I healed from my new hip, and of the possibilities afterwards.

Thank you, and keep on being determined and having fun! Xxx

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So glad your having a great holiday, hope the hydrotherapy gets better, have a good time in Scotland 💞💞💞

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Not jealous at all here. You deserve a break (or three) after everything you've been through. Enjoy your holidays and sunbathe to your heart's content.

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Lovely to hear from you and that you are/ have been on holiday.The Aurora Borealis has been spectacular in the North of Scotland again, unfortunately I'm usually in my bed before it shows, but if you can stay away until after 10pm there have been some spectacular skies to see.

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Lovely to get heat on the body so good for the joints and muscles. Why I missed my winters in E. Malaysia through the winter months aiming to get there winter time this year.

Hydro therapy such a deceptive treatment , feels warm, limbs floating, then getting out feels like lead weights lol

Enjoy bonny Scotland 😊

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We’re off to Gran Canaria on Tuesday and I’m so looking forward to warming my cold bones 🥶 Wrap up warm in Scotland and good look with getting your knee sorted. x

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