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Greetings all!

I just found this community and I’m not sure what to expect or what I have to offer, but I’ll try.

I was diagnosed with RA about 8 years ago. I am fortunate that I have a relatively mild case in my hands only. My current treatment routine is Plaquinel and ibuprofen (as needed).

If late, I have been researching for ways to get off of all meds. I don’t know that I can, but I’d like to try.

16 Replies
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Hello and welcome 😊. I hope you find it useful being here and I’m sure you’ll soon be helping people and getting help if you need it yourself.

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Welcome and happy Christmas. The people on here are kind and generous with time information and support. I have found it very helpful and hope you will too- 🎄🤶🏻🎅🏻Keep well!

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Welcome MidGaRaPops. What will you find? You’ll find lots of lovely supportive people who have probably experienced everything known to man/woman/child.You can come for advice or just to grumble and even if we can’t help you well we’ll offer sympathy because we’ll know how you feel 😊

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Welcome from me. xxx

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A warm welcome from me to the group which nobody really wants to be a member of! You can confidently expect support, advice, empathy and help, if and when you need it. Good luck with your efforts to get off meds.

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I am glad you have found us. You will definitely be helped and be able to help people yourself. We all have something to offer and you will be no exception. I wish you well in your efforts to come off meds.

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Welcome! 😊 this site has been a godsend for me. Such lovely helpful people. If Im Down I vent on here and the people make me feel better with their comments back to me. Any worries about medication etc they help too. Wherever we are in this horrid journey there’s always someone who can help. Xx

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Hi MidGaRaPops and welcome to the forum.

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Hi! Hope you like it here but we are lucky to have meds I think , it will help you avoid long term joint damage , I know I've just had a knee replacement and know I would be worse without treatment ! 😀

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Welcome to this lovely forum. Here you never have to hold back (abiding by a few rules) and there will always be somebody who can identify with your post.

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Think carefully before coming off medication. If you are controlled by hydroxychloroquine then it is low risk and you are fortunate. I was on this for many years successfully, my inflammatory markers were low and I was advised that I should come off it. I had a few years with flares ( and occasional courses of steroids as they did in those days before other treatments were available). Then had a major flare with involvement of my bone marrow. I've no way of knowing if I would have continued to be controlled if I hadn't come off hydroxychloroquine, but I'm now on a biologic and still on low dose steroids...and have considerable damage to my joints.

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MidGaRaPops in reply to oldtimer2

Thanks for the warning. I guess it could have a false sense of security, I’ll talk to my doc.

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Thanks all for your warm welcome. I hope to make many new friends!

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Welcome to the group. I've found everyone supportive and lots of empathy particularly when you are having a rough time.

Good luck with coming off the meds - wish I didn't need to take them. I'm taking supplements to support the meds.

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Hiya MGRP, a welcome from me too. I hope you find it helpful being here. We do have other overseas members so hopefully some from your corner of the world will be along to greet you too.

I hope you are able to come off (or taper off) your meds but please, I hope you do so with the help of your Rheumy. I'm not sure how different it is there but here it is feasible for a Rheumy to discharge you from his care, which then makes things more of a problem should you need to reinstate your meds if you're unfortunate enough to be unsuccessful being off them.

With good wishes for a happy Christmas.

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