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A report with Dr Hilary and actress Claire King on Day Break all about Arthritis - invisible pain , new meds , existing drugs (Methx) , inflammation , hands , feet and of course the small children bless that have to put up with this disease good to make other people aware I thing they are putting more on their website today ...take a look ..have a good day xx

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  • Thanks, didn't see it, does Claire have RA?

  • Yes and has done strictly !!!! Omg ... She has been taking Methx for 4 years and it's working for her :) ....she explained how frustrating day to day tasks are to deal with when in a flare ie backs of earrings , buttons etc etc and how invisible the disease is and that people don't understand !!! Dr Hilary explained new meds incl biologics WE ARE ALL FAMOUS lol ! They said that later today the interview should be on the website so check later ..

  • Sorry to be ignorant but which channel is this and would it be on iplayer? X

  • iTv1

  • Thanks I will see if I can watch it later. X

  • Ooh I didn't see this but that is great that is was on the programme :D Any awareness is good there needs to be a LOT more! x

  • It's on the Day Break web site now and talks about the poor 3 year old little girl who suffers :( bless her ....take a look

  • I did watch this, I can't believe that little girl has RA and she already has regular MTX injections and steroids into her joints. It can be hard enough for adults, let alone for a toddler. Bless her, she still had a smile on her face in the video clip.

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