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Hole in my eyelid?

Recently I have had some redness in my eye. I do wear contact lenses and a few days ago I decided to poke around and lift up my eyelid to see what was causing the redness. And in the left corner of my eye (away from my nose) I saw a hole? It is small and it is actually two of them. They have a red top and I feel like it might be blood? It is on my top eyelid and I am wondering what it could be. Please help! If you can see closely on the photo you can see the red dot on the right

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I think you should see your dr and your optician about your eyes as well. It could be a number of things and we couldn't tell you what it is except to advise you where to go darling.xxxxxx


Never mess around with your eyes Hg...they are one of the most delicate parts of the body.

Go today to see whoever prescribes your contact lenses....they will assess the situation & refer you the appropriate practitioner for any treatment that may be needed.

Personally I would not put my contacts in until I'd had professional advice.

Go today!


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