Not my hospitals finest hour

Well turned up for my Rituximab infusion this morning, checked in, went where directed..As I walked into the infusion room the nurse looked at me quizzically and said 'but your treatment was cancelled' wtf!! Turns out that following my vacation ref my wrist my consultant had decided that they wanted me to recover more before treatment, mebbe sensible but you think somebody would have told me!!! I work and have two small children and had juggled lots (youngest had eye appointment) to attend only to be shown the door with an appointment in a month. Aside from the logistics of it I had psyched myself up for having this treatment so was disheartened to think gotta go through all that again....fiddlestix and bother (what I teach the girls instead of expletives lol)

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  • I always use Sugar for mine, my daughter cottoned on pretty quick though, and would say 'no swearing' when I used it. So be warned yours could come out with something similar!

    Do agree they could have either phoned or sent letter to you, very bad administration I would say.

  • What

  • Madness - poor you Elrose - but I think there's a place for expletives and this certainly was it (although perhaps in the relative privacy of a toilet cubicle?). My lot up here don't send out an appointment letter for rheumatology clinic until 10 days before your apt and the lists aren't drawn up until 2 weeks prior so that makes planning almost impossible - crazy old world isn't it? Tilda x

  • I was also using the word sugar as well, or any silly word that came to mind at the time. xx

  • WTF .... did not know of any ladies knowing this abbreviation! :)

    Then again there are a few here that may lol

  • I was cross, ordinarily I wouldn't dream of being so crass. It was so frustrating and I had a little vent, normal lady-like behaviour will commence forthwith lol

  • Oh elrose I am so sorry! After psyching yourself up for the infusion and making the necessary arrangements - no wonder you were not a happy bunny.

    On the plus side - hopefully by then your cough/cold will be properly better (sorry, just trying to think of something positive here).


  • As I said it may well be that it was sensible given that I had been/was poorly but they knew that when they sent the appointment and they had managed to communicate its cancellation to all concerned, except me - the patient. Have calmed down now and hopefull all will be well for next appt. Linda x

  • oh dear , I understand completely ,I had an appointment in Brighton for a cancer check up and after sitting in traffic for over an hour then 40 mins waiting to get into car park .And when i got in thy said it had been postponed and had sent me a letter ,,, but had sent to an address had not lived in for 3 years .. and i tnot the first time it happened .... think they just in a hurry ... I am still waiting for my Toxcimib appt ...that was told would have two months ago ....maybe better check they sent it to right place lol ...

    Hope the Rhuiximib works for you .. it did not me but it is a good drug if it works so fingers (figuratively) crossed for you

    Pam x

  • To be totally fair to my hospital this is the first time anything of this ilk has happened I have been under them many years and generally the care is excellent, a combination of just generally feeling rubbish and everything feeling like hard work probably amplified my reaction. I hope Rituximab works, not sure where else there is to go for me if it doesnt (cant take the usual anti-tnf biologicals)..Fingers crossed the next one you try does the trick..Linda x

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