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Feeling Discriminated

Hi lovely people,

I really don't know what to do :-(

So last 6 months at work has been hard due to increased workloads, staff absence. I feel i have worked the best i can, I've been given projects which I struggled with due to health.

But in my last One to One in September i was told i was doing a good job & how they are aware of the issues with my health. I was told i would be scored as a 3 which means I'm doing a good job. However had my end of year yesterday & was told I'm now being scored as a 2 which is classed as under performer, when I asked why I was to!d this is due to my sickness & a couple of mistakes i made . I'm so upset, no matter how much work you do when your in work, it appears all that counts is the time you have been off with a chronic disease.

I have also been bullied at work by one colleague who has bullied other staff members, we have comp!aimed & yet they appear to be covering that up.

So upset, I've gone in early, worked lunches when needed & that's how you are treated.

I'm now experiencing an RA Flare which I met is due to stress, so have had to call in sick.

Feel so low & hurt.


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Hi Flops08

That stinks, what a toxic workplace! Angry on your behalf.

If in the UK, perhaps your doc can refer you for an Occupational Health Assessment?

This would give written proof of special needs at work, and means the employer gets guidelines about how to help you rather than hinder.

You could perhaps get signed off sick meantime, too, and the fact it was employer’s action/lack of action that contributed would also be good evidence for OH statement.



Thank you for your understanding & the information.

Funny enough I have been asking for a DSE since August, they sent a guy from our facilities team to review my desk, who told me he knew both about RA. So I'm still waiting for a DSE, I have a consultant appointment next week so may ask them to do me a letter to request a DSE.

Really feel like getting signed off to be honest :-(

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I would get an appointment with occupational health. They need to realise it is illegal to compare the workloads etc of a member of staff with a LTC and one without.


This is so sad to read. I wonder if it might be worth giving ACAS a call on 0300 123 1100 for some advice on work. I'm also wondering if it was the same person conducting your one-to-one as the person who then told you you would score a 2. Sounds like it might be a different person, as this is a conversation which should have taken place in the initial meeting. Maybe speak to ACAS and then arrange a meeting with your line manager to sit down and discuss. ACAS can give you an idea of your rights and you can also use the opportunity to get across to your line manager how much this upset you. It is bad enough to be deemed underperforming due to absence related to your condition, but terrible when they initially told you to expect a 3! The mention of 'a couple of mistakes' also seems a little odd, if the initial meeting was so positive. It makes me wonder if they added that to make it seem like it wasn't the absence alone. It is also worth checking what your work's policies are on sickness absence, as some employers will treat sickness due to a long-term condition differently than standard sick leave. Sadly, there is no legal requirement to do this, though it is considered 'good practice'.

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Thank you so much, I keep thinking that maybe I'm being too sensitive.

It was the same person that I had my reviews with.

I had a occupational health meeting last October in the report they said that my sickness level would be higher compared to someone with no LTC.

Really don't want to go back Monday :-(

Thank you for your support.

Lou x

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I don't think you're being too sensitive at all, but how awful to come out of the initial meeting feeling positive and appreciated and to now be in a position where you dread going in on Monday! I think it would be good to gather your thoughts on paper and speak to ACAS and then you could go in on Monday and arrange to have it out in the open with your line manager. It might make you feel better to be able to discuss it.

The one positive you can take from this is that they are happy with your work, so if it comes down to their poor absence policy this is something outside of your control. The score is clearly not an accurate reflection of the level of work you do, and hopefully your line manager sees this, even if their policies have meant that they have had to mark you down to a figure which does not reflect the effort you put in.


Thank you for help Victoria :-)


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